If You're Going to a Restaurant, Here Are Some A+ Outfit Ideas


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Want to know what to wear to a restaurant? We can help with that. 

In my eyes, a meal out presents the ideal opportunity to unearth those dressier items from the back of my wardrobe. A dinner date is just the excuse I need to try on everything I own and come up with some of my best looks. 

And I'm not the only one who enjoys this novelty. Just last week, I noticed people next to me wearing dresses and heels to eat a burger in a pub—and why not? If you want a night away from your tracksuit bottoms or leggings and are ready to turn up the glam for dinner (or breakfast, brunch or lunch!), below I've listed 13 outfit ideas that feel fabulous but not too OTT for all your upcoming reservations. 

From elegant skirt looks to jeans-and-nice-top combos that are bound to impress, there's something for everyone (and every setting) here. Many of these examples work particularly well thanks to their featured footwear and accessories, so be sure to consider the finishing touches when you're styling up your ensembles. Strappy sandals are always a dinner-date winner in our eyes, and you can't go wrong with an amazing bag.

Like what you hear? Keep scrolling for restaurant-ready outfits to try on your next meal out, whether you're going to Pizza Express or The Ritz. 

1. Satin Blouse + Straight-Leg Jeans


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Style Notes: Jeans and a nice top will always do the trick. Need further proof? Just take a look at Marianne's chic ensemble. 

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2. Maxi Dress + Simple Accessories


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Style Notes: A maxi dress feels comfy but looks instantly polished. Add some simple accessories and you're set! 

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3. Cardigan + Slip Skirt + Knee-High Boots


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Style Notes: A cool-girl styling tip is to wear a cardigan as a top. And we all know a slinky slip skirt will take any outfit into dressy territory. 

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4. Statement Blazer + Slim-Fit Jeans


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Style Notes: A blazer and jean look takes all the stress out of getting dressed. Opt for a slightly formal style to elevate your denim.

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5. Suit + Sneakers


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Style Notes: There's something effortlessly stylish about a suit teamed with casual trainers. Add statement earrings and swap in heels if your restaurant of choice is a no-sneaker zone.

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6. Printed Midi Dress + Crescent Bag


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Style Notes: Slipping into a printed midi dress is the quickest way to look totally put-together, especially one in a fluid fabric.

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7. Strappy Top + Black Trousers


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Style Notes: A strappy cami works for most occasions, but the silk-satin variety is ideal for a monochrome dinner look.

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8. White T-Shirt + Mini Skirt


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Style Notes: When all else fails, an amazing mini skirt with a simple white t-shirt is a combo to rely on. Add statement heels for a bit of glamour.

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9. Cut-Out Top + Lightwash Jeans


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Style Notes: A trending detail like cut-outs can take any outfit up a notch. Pair your statement top with jeans for an effortless result. 

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10. Long-Sleeved Tee + Denim Skirt


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Style Notes: Long sleeves and ankle-grazing hemlines are often essential for evening looks when the chill sets in. Keep them classic, chic and tonal for the win. 

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11. Tank Top + Leather Trousers


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Style Notes: This is a round-the-clock look that will never fail you. Let leather trousers take your basic tank tops to new levels of cool. 

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12. Striped Shirt + Linen Trousers


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Style Notes: Stripes are an antidote to those evenings when you don't know what to wear. Opt for a classic colourway and trousers in a complementary hue.

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13. Strapless Dress + Backless Heels


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Style Notes: Put your trusty jeans away for a night in favour of a sultry strapless dress. No need to even think too hard about the rest of your outfit—this will be the centre of attention. 

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This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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