5 Anti-Jeans Trouser Trends I Plan On Wearing All Summer


(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Sorry jeans, I love you but since the temperatures have been hitting over 25° from the beginning of June, I haven't been able to face squeezing myself into my favourite denim. The thing is, I'm not really a dress person either— the odd breezy linen dress or pretty midi will do fine, but personally I feel the most confident in summer when I'm wearing trousers. And it appears I'm not alone. Fashion people everywhere—from editors to influencers and even the best-dressed celebs have been opting for chic trouser outfits this summer—and there's not a jean in sight. 

So, where to start if you're considering leaving behind the comforting cocoon of your reliable blue jeans? Well, obviously loose, wide-leg trousers lend themselves best to warmer days. And while in winter wide-legs come in heavier fabrics like wool, in summer there's much more room to play around. Think chic linens, relaxed silks, and even pleated and plisse fabrics. With the popularity of heavy cargos last autumn/winter, this summer I've also seen a number of fashion people playing with lighter parachute pants as a warm-weather evolution on this 2023 trend. Then, of course, there's classic stripes, which make any outfit feel summer appropriate. 

Keep scrolling to shop the 5 key trouser trends I plan on wearing this summer and beyond... 

1. Linen

2. Striped

3. Silk

4. Pleated

5. Parachute

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