This Is What Selena Gomez Wears to a Concert



Like us, our friends at Coveteur have a thing for Selena Gomez's style. Below, read their take on her perfect concert outfit—you don't want to miss it.

We write about fashion pretty regularly, but there are still situations where we're staring at our closet with zero clue what to wear. One such occasion that always manages to stump us? Concerts, because sure, we want to be comfortable (a lot of standing and dancing on very sticky floors), but at the same time, we want to look cute.

Enter Selena Gomez, who definitely has a lot more experience in this area. For her boyfriend The Weeknd’s concert, the star showed up in a shiny (and kind of Spice Girls–like) Alexa Chung dress, styled over a red tee and paired with Gucci sneakers. The look was both casual and sexy at the same time… especially once you factor in the intense cat eye and high pony. Looks like our outfit problem is finally solved!

Read on to see Selena's look and shop it too!