4 Beauty Hacks I Learned From Binge-Watching Selena Gomez's TikToks

Let's be honest: Celebrity TikToks are hit-or-miss. It's also fairly rare for me to watch a celebrity TikTok and feel like I found it informative or helpful (the cult of celebrity is usually meant to be enticing enough). One celebrity who really manages to nail it, though? Selena Gomez

Gomez's TikToks are the perfect mix of fun and informative, as she often posts how-to videos or makeup tutorials. I recently went on a binge through her videos, and I found myself, dare I say, learning something from them. Gomez often posts beauty hacks or her own routines, and they're very worth attempting to copy. Keep reading for the best tips Gomez has on her TikTok page. 


(Image credit: @selenagomez)

1. A luxe morning routine


Morning routine before make up! @Rare Beauty

♬ my hair - Ariana Grande

Gomez shared her morning routine before makeup on TikTok, and it's enough to convince anyone to wake up 15 minutes earlier. It's clear that Gomez uses her morning routine to ground herself before she starts her day, and if you ask me, it looks like a pretty relaxing way to wake up.

Selenas' favorites:

2. Using highlighter to brighten the under-eye area


@Rare Beauty #rarebeauty

♬ Problem With You - Sabrina Claudio

This is a new one. Instead of reaching straight for the concealer to brighten her under-eyes, Gomez actually goes for a liquid highlighter. To smooth everything out, she applies foundation on top, which gives her a dewy, bright-eyed effect.

Selenas' favorites:

3. Drugstore beauty reigns supreme


Super affordable and works!

♬ Put Your Records On - Ritt Momney

In one TikTok, Gomez posts an entire skincare routine comprised of products she bought at CVS. From a $10 aloe vera spot cream to a $16 brightening face serum, Gomez takes viewers through everything she does with drugstore beauty. 

Selenas' favorites:

4. Face mist for midday hydration


♬ original sound - FatChanceStudios

Do you ever wish you could add more hydration to your face, but your makeup is already on? Take a page out of Gomez's book and mist your face for a midday pick-me-up. Not only does a face mist impart tons of hydration, but it also helps re-set makeup. 

Selenas' favorites:

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