Meet the New School: 5 Boundary-Pushing Creatives Transforming Fashion

Think different. If you remember seeing these two words plastered on a billboard somewhere, it’s thanks to Apple, which launched the campaign way back in 1997. Today, Apple’s way of “thinking differently” has revolutionized the rest of us. The phone you carry, the way you watch TV after work, the emojis you send to your mom—thinking differently created a new reality. It takes out-of-the-box creatives to turn a narrative on its head, and that’s exactly how we’d categorize Who What Wear’s class of 2018—five groundbreaking innovators who are reframing a notoriously old-school fashion industry.

Unharnessed creativity and a drive for inclusivity are a fine thread that weaves together the narratives of these five fashion innovators, though each is pushing boundaries both within and outside the industry on their own terms. To think differently requires vulnerability and a sense of fearlessness; a commitment to personal truth whether anyone else gets it or not. And for each of these five, carving out their own creative space and defying the traditional boundaries are what has allowed them to flourish.

Not every innovator sets out with the singular goal of transforming a narrative, but by standing true to personal principles, transformation is inevitable. Read on to find out how these five creatives are poised to change things (for the better).