These Are the Only Shoes I'd Ever Consider Wearing With Leggings

Leggings have always been one of fashion's most controversial dividers. Comfort has never been the point of contention here—we can all agree that they're just about the most enjoyable garment to wear. However, as for their style credentials? They're often brought into question.

I blame this on the '80s, where leggings were neon, cropped and usually accompanied by clashing leg warmers. However, over recent years, leggings have made what some would call a comeback—now forming the basis of many a chic minimalist outfit and looking a little different than their '80s heyday.

Now, classic black or neutral leggings are pretty much the only way forward if you intend to wear them out of the gym. And in weighted fabrics, they look and feel significantly more premium than their retro counterparts. However, one thing even us fashion editors still struggle with is deciding which footwear goes with them.


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Your choice of footwear will determine how your legging look is perceived. If you intend on going casual, a pair of trainers will do the trick, but you'll probably want to steer clear of plimsolls as they'll look too P.E.-like. After dark, courts might seem like a strong option, but really, they'll make them look dated.

Instead, I've whittled down the six pairs of shoes to wear with leggings that will actually look chic. Keep scrolling and you'll never have to second guess stepping out in leggings again. 

The Best Shoes to Wear With Leggings:



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Style Notes: Leggings started out life as ballerina attire, and now the look has come full circle. Now, fashion types are donning their leggings with ballet flats (on milder days) for a very pretty, very French vibe. This duo works particularly well when a chic stirrup or split-hem legging is involved. 

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Style Notes: Chunky boots are a year-round staple, and the good news is they're probably the easiest shoe to wear with leggings. Whether you opt for an ankle or knee-high, slip-on or lace-up, slip on a pair as you're running out the door to ensure your leggings ensemble always looks polished. 

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Style Notes: Yes, you can wear leggings on a night out. As we've already discussed, courts can make leggings look pretty dated, which is why we instead suggest styling them with some modern pointed-toe slingbacks for an elevated vibe. 

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Style Notes: Much like boots, trainers are also a no-brainer when it comes to leggings outfits. And although basically all trainers 'go' with leggings, the coolest way to wear the pairing right now is with a sporty ankle sock and a chunky 'Dad' trainer. Preferably from New Balance, but any technical-looking number will do the trick. Throw an oversized sweatshirt and a maxi coat (or blazer in spring) in the mix and you've got my favourite off-duty ensemble.

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Style Notes: With the power to make any outfit look instantly glossy, it's little wonder that we constantly see so many influencers styling their leggings with knee-high-boots. From chunky flat styles to high-heeled, they look elegant either way. 

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Style Notes: Leggings come into their own in the cooler months as a cosy yet comfortable option for every day. But once spring rolls around, fashion people are proving that leggings are just as relevant in warm weather too with the simple addition of sandals.

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