I Spent Hours Searching—These Are the Best Wool Coats For Every Budget


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I'm serious about winter coats. As per most of my acquirements, clothing is forever and when it comes to outerwear, I'm even more discerning. When shopping for coats, I ensure that they're comfortable, in keeping with my personal style and of course, bear pockets! I tend to opt for muted tones as they compliment most looks and despite being 5 ft 4, I'm leaning into the sweeping lengths that have dominated the catwalk this season. Aesthetics aside, the first thing I look for in outerwear is a substantial wool content and the higher, the better! Whilst being bundled in a woollen coat is a dream to banish the winter chill, it has to be acknowledged that a substantial wool content often equates to a higher price tag, especially when looking for RWS-certified wool.

I've been known to scour the web looking for coats comprising 100% wool and whilst it's no mean feat (especially if you don't want to spend in the hundreds) last year, I was lucky enough to invest in a wool and lyocell blend coat from none other than COS

Whilst I would first recommend wool coats, wool-blend coats are an alternative if one, you have less budget to play with and two, you're sensitive to prickly textiles. You needn't spend a bank-breaking amount for something high in quality. For something budget-friendly, look for a wool content of 50% plus and have a feel of textures. One of my first coat investments was this exact piece by & Other Stories 7 years ago, and whilst I grimaced at spending that amount on a single item, it's a steadfast piece in my collection that I've relied on every single winter, meaning my cost per wear has dwindled significantly.


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When it comes to the styles on offer, winter brings with it a slew of the timeless robe style coat. In one fell sweep, you're uniform and you can team it with elevated footwear, or casual knee-highs. Last year's raglan coat is also worth noting. Raey presented us with its cocooned iteration with significant wool content and this year we've been presented with inspired high-street. Least forgetting the traditional heritage-inspired wool coats—Princess of Wales textiles, herringbone and twill, all of which differ from the brushed styles.

There is a coat for all but if you're like me, it's nice to have a couple to alternate between at the time when they become the focal point of an outfit. Carry on reading to see the best wool coats that have caught my attention ahead of winter. It'll make you want to wish the last of the summer sun away.

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