15 Reformation Dresses That Are Very Taylor Swift

Just when we all thought Taylor Swift was sticking with her edgy new makeover, she threw us a curveball and found her way back to the sweet, vintage-inspired style that we all know her for (at least for the time being). And it's been one brand in particular that she's worn for practically every date night across the globe with new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston—Reformation. In fact, Swift has been loyal to the cool girl–favorite brand for several years now. (Can you blame her?) And because we're happy to have any excuse to sift through Reformation's endless array of covetable dresses, we took it upon ourselves to find the ones with the most Taylor Swift appeal. Our criteria? We've found that she tends to favor fit-and-flare styles, sweet prints, minidresses, and matching sets. With that in mind, we narrowed it down to 15 of the most Taylor Swift–worthy dresses that Reformation has to offer. Shop them all for yourself below. (Having 1989 playing in the background is optional.)