What Real Men Think of the Spring 2016 Runway Looks

At this juncture, we’ve established that we get a big kick out of hearing real men’s thoughts on oft-surreal fashion trends. For this edition of our favorite new series, we thought we’d inquire about some of the more fantastical looks we’ve seen on the S/S 16 ruways so far.

From Prada’s gloriously sparkly striped jumpsuits to Rodarte’s creative use of delicate lace, the looks we picked all make a very particular statement. Naturally, normal guys who aren’t the most well versed in fashion have unique (and hilarious) takes on these kinds of runway looks. While it goes without saying that we don't necessarily agree with these guyswe’re personally big fans of what all these brands are doing!it’s always entertaining to take a deep dive into the way the opposite sex thinks.

Trust us—you want to hear what they have to say. Keep scrolling to see what 10 real men think of some of S/S 16’s most outlandish runway looks yet!