The Pair of Leggings Everyone Is Talking About

An Australian company is about to make your yoga flow a lot more seamless by taking wearable tech to the next level. Wearable Experiments debuted a pair of leggings earlier this year called the Nadi X tights, and the fashion world has been buzzing ever since. We all know how hard it can be to perfect certain yoga poses, but with the help of vibrating motions, these high-tech leggings will make sure your downward dogs are on point. Made with subtle electronic sensors, the Nadi X tights track your body's movements and use haptic feedback—aka vibrations—to help guide your alignment. These tech-forward pants—which look like a trendy pair of athleisurewear—even give an "ohm" sound when you nail a challenging move. 

Ben Moir and Billie Whitehouse, the co-founders of Wearable Experiments and creators of the tights, consulted with yoga instructors to ensure the calibration between the moves and the sensors was perfect. "The nice thing about haptics is you process them subconsciously," Moir told Fast Company. "So if you’re in the flow of yoga, you don’t have to look at a screen and engage your attention on the screen or listen to a voice instruction." In the article, Moir and Whitehouse state that they will be creating a charging basket where users can throw and charge their leggings, which are made to withstand up to 25 washes. Could this be the future of more activewear? Only time will tell.

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Opening Image: Free People