I Haven't Worn Skinny Jeans in Years—These Are the 5 Loose Pants I Swear By

I honestly think the last time I stepped into a pair of skinny jeans was back in high school (which was a very long time ago, thanks for asking). I know that thanks to TikTok, skinny jeans have recently received a bad rap, but denim is such a personal thing, so if you still love skinny jeans, don't listen to the haters. As for my personal preference, ever since the five loose pant styles below entered my life, skinny jeans have yet to resurface in my wardrobe. Looser pant styles feel cooler to me, as they are objectively more comfortable and it currently very on-trend. 

Below, you will get to shop those five looser pant styles I mentioned including baggy jeans, skater pants, and more. Whether you're looking to finally branch out of your skinny jeans phase or are interested in the stylish pant styles I'm loving now, I have a feeling there is a new pair of pants with your name on them in the assortment below. 

Loose Denim

Loose jeans have transformed the way I dress. They make every outfit look a little bit cooler, time and time again. Whether I dress them up with a blazer or go super casual with a white ribbed tank, I am always sure to look effortlessly cool thanks to my baggier jeans. 

Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-leg trousers are the unofficial pant style of fashion people everywhere. Was that a pretty severe blanket statement I just made? Yes, yes it was, but I stand by it. The tailored look of the pants elevates any outfit and the best part is they are insanely comfortable given the extra legroom going on. 

Relaxed Leather Pants



Thanks to looser-fitting, more relaxed styles, leather (or leather-like) pants no longer have to be insanely uncomfortable. Opt for a pair that allows your limbs to breathe and you'll instantly be converted. 

Plissé Pants

Plissé pants are basically a chicer version of sweatpants, but no one wants to talk about that. They feel as comfortable as a pair of pajama pants but look like they cost a million bucks. If that doesn't convince you, I really don't know what will. 

Skater Pants



Skater pants always make me feel so cool. The utility-inspired details such as the oversize pockets and the slouchy fit make for the perfect pair of pants to wear with tanks, tees, and pretty much your entire sneaker collection.