Every Fashion Person Relies On This Easy Staple In the Summer

Every Fashion Person Wears This Easy Trend in the Summer



I have a confession to make. I might actually be a shopaholic. It isn't even summer yet, and I've already ordered my favorite summer wardrobe staple three times. You see, I'm such a picky fashion editor, and I insist on owning the perfect linen pants, so I had to try a few styles on for size. Every summer, it seems like every fashion person is sporting a pair of these breezy, lightweight pants, and this year, I need to be the proud owner of the best on the market.

What do I look for when buying linen pants? I've collected a few pairs of linen pants over the years, and there are a few things I consider when buying them. First and foremost, I pay very close attention to the quality of the fabric. Not all linen is created equal, and some brands will advertise an item as linen, but after a closer look at the description, I'll notice there's a bit more polyester than I'd like to see. The vision is 100% linen.

Fit is also important to me. It's easy for a pair of linen pants to feel outdated if the fit isn't exactly how it should be. Right now, I look for relaxed styles that aren't too loose or baggy but have more of a wide leg. I prefer mid-rise or low-rise because they feel fresh to me. But to each their own. 

If you're looking for the ultimate summer wardrobe staple, look no further than linen pants. Trust me, once you try them, you'll be as hooked as I am.

Straight from my closet, these are the best pair of linen pants overall:

I mentioned earlier that I purchased three pairs of linen pants before the summer season had even begun. Why? Because I have high standards and sifting through online product pages doesn't have the same effect as trying items at home. I returned the other two pairs I'd ordered because they weren't quite right. This pair was exactly what I was looking for. The rise hits right at the hip, exactly how I like it, and they have the perfect wide-leg moment I'm after. That's why I'm calling these Reformation pants a winner. You should expect to see me wearing them in a few short weeks in Miami.

Shop more linen pants:

This is the best under-$30 pair on the internet.

Who says linen pants have to be boring?

This color is absolute perfection. 

I feel like a character from White Lotus would wear this matching set.

I can already see Bella Hadid wearing these.

Summer walks in New York City would be taken to the next level if these pants were in the mix. 

A bold shade of blue never goes out of style.

When a pair of cargo pants meets a pair of linen pants, it's a dream come true for fashion people.

My summer wardrobe always involves one or two items from Faithfull the Brand.

If you prefer a baggy fit, these are for you.

Pinstripes give major northeastern vibes.

These are such an It-girl pair of summer pants.

Since the first pair of linen pants I tried from Reformation impressed me, I want to order this pair next.

These pants are such a great way to play around with color.

You can't go wrong with any pair of white linen pants that you find.

I love a suit that can be worn as separates or together as one.

I'm not going to lie: I'm just a little obsessed.