If You Think Neutrals Are "Boring", These 5 Autumn Outfits Will Change Your Mind


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As someone who regularly wears taupe, sand and rust tones, I'm always surprised when I hear someone describe neutrals as "boring". Of course, if you're used to saturated styling and naturally gravitate toward punchy hues, I can understand how an all-beige outfit could feel a tad lacklustre. But I'm also convinced that camel is just about the chicest shade on the colour wheel, and along with its fellow warm neutrals, it can look incredibly expensive.

We're all familiar with the expression "less is more". While there's certainly a place for maximalist dressing, sticking to a low-key colour palette is the secret to looking put-together with minimal effort. In fact, some of the most impactful outfits I've saved on Instagram lately consist of just two or three muted shades. Once you have this base, you can then elevate it with touches of gold-toned jewellery and luxury accessories. Simple.

To kick-start your neutrals journey, I've assembled five easy-to-wear look below. You won't spot any pops of colour here—hopefully you'll agree that these particular ensembles don't need it.

1. Shades of Beige


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Style Notes: The true beauty of neutrals is that they go so seamlessly together. Invest in a capsule of beige dresses, outerwear and accessories and you'll never find yourself in an outfit rut again.

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2. Understated Everyday


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Style Notes: When you're rushing out the door and you don't have time to start coordinating colours, stick to ecru versions of your everyday go-tos. A jumper-and-jeans combo in this palette never fails.

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3. Night-Time Neutrals


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Style Notes: You read that right—light neutrals can work after-dark, too. Opt for evening fabrics like silk and patent leather and add some elegant details like a neck scarf and low-heel slingbacks.

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4. Office Chic


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Style Notes: If I worked in an office, I just know an outfit like this one would make me feel my best. It's polished and professional, but with plenty of pizazz that will showcase your fashion know-how.

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5. Transitional Tones


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Style Notes: I know it's a sin to say it in the midst of summer, but I can't wait to wear knee-high boots and beautiful outerwear once again. Rich tones like these have me bursting with excitement for autumn.

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