11 Hairstyles People Are Actually Asking for in Salons Right Now

I'm not sure about you, but summer is always the season when I feel inspired to switch up my hair. Experimenting with a new style, shape, or colour feels like an appropriate way to embrace the onslaught of summer social events, post-winter hibernation. That said, I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed in the run-up to my first hair appointment of summer 2023. Should I go for a full-on transformation and get my hair chopped into short bob or embrace my current long hairstyle and add a fringe? There are so many hair possibilities to choose from, and I know that friends and family are feeling equally confused.

So who better to turn to than the experts themselves for some guidance? While we've already touched on what experts are predicting will be the biggest hair trends for 2023, we're left asking another question: What are people actually asking for in salons at the moment?


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Ahead, keep scrolling for eleven of the most popular hairstyles in salons right now. From '70s shags to boy bobs, there's so much to get inspired by.

1. The Shag


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"I've had a lot of guests showing me pictures of shag haircuts," says Roman Sys, stylist at Trevor Sorbie Bristol for L'Oréal Professionnel. "They are all different lengths but definitely the loose, free-looking styles have been very popular." 


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"I definitely think with the trend of more shag haircuts, a 'less is more' approach works well," adds Sys. "Letting your hair air dry to maintain some natural movement then scrunching in some light but hydrating mousse."

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2. The Mixie


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We're already aware that the mixie is set to be big news this year, but it turns out that people are already opting for this in salons. Creative Director at Butchers Hoxton Dominic Roach explains, "We're seeing clients that have already embraced the wolf/shag cuts and now want to experiment with shorter hair. Specifically, shorter at the front, longer at the back."


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The mixie is a hybrid between the mullet and a pixie cut, and it's surprisingly wearable. "It is equally suitable for thicker textures and finer hair, as it is a style that doesn't require lots of styling and heat tools. I recommend air drying or using a diffuser on a low heat and speed to give texture and body," adds Roach.

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3. The Boy Bob


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Bobs have reigned supreme on the hair circuit over recent years, and there's no sign of this slowing down anytime soon. More recently, stylists have seen people asking for more undone "boy-like" styles.


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"The key thing that people are asking for is that this bob isn't overdone. Embrace your waves and texture, just with a solid baseline. Personalise by changing your parting or adding a fringe," says Roach.


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The best thing about short styles? Losing the weight from your hair allows you to add texture and movement with your styling products.

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4. Longer Lengths


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"I'm actually seeing a resurgence of longer hair," says George Northwood, celebrity hairstylist. "A lot of my long-haired clients have asked me for just a trim, as they've never managed to grow it that long before, and they've realised it actually looks great."


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If you're growing your hair out, then opt for a centre parting and wear hair straight to exaggerate the illusion of length.


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Already got long hair and looking to mix things up? Curling, crimping, or waving your hair is a practically effortless way to mix things up.

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5. Glass Hair


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We might associate glass hair (a trend that champions super-sleek, shiny hair that resembles glass) with seasons of yesteryear, but Roach says it is still one of the most-requested styles.


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"Glass hair is straight, sleek, healthy, glossy and shiny," Roach says. How you part it, whether it be on the side or in the middle, is totally up to you.


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You'll need to rely on your product arsenal to really nail this style. By day, use shine serums and mists, but overnight, nourish hair with thicker oil blends.

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6. Blonder Balayage 


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"Balayage is being taken blonder with the requests of a baby-blonde tone," says Samantha Cusick, Redken advocate and owner of Samantha Cusick London. "Clients are still keen to keep more of their natural colour at the root."


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Adding curls or waves to hair (especially the lower lengths and ends) will help to bring out your blonde.



Even if you want to keep your roots natural, asking for face-framing blonde streaks will really help to mix things up if change (and a brighter style) are what you're after for spring.

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7. Sweeping Fringes


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"Last year was all about the curtain bang, and it still reigns supreme in the salon," says Aveda senior pro stylist Michael Lendon. However, the style is becoming more developed, Lendon admits. "Whether it's the classic curtain sweep, a shorter 'princess fringe' or a more grown-out 'bottle-bang' shape, sweeping fringes are a look that suits most and continues to be popular as a result."

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8. The Octopus


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If you're not quite ready for a mixie, Roach says that the octopus cut is proving popular too. "It celebrates length with more weight on the top and lots of layers throughout to give a shaggy, almost wispy feel," he says. 


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As with all trending hairstyles right now, the octopus cut can be worn however you best please. "You can air-dry with styling foams, scrunch in natural texture or wear it smooth and straight," advises Roach.

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9. Short, Sharp Hairstyles 


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While we're expecting a big return to sweeping styles full of texture this year, Lendon says people are actually turning to something very different. "People are craving a little more structure. I've seen an uptick in clients wanting shorter, sharper styles, like chin-grazing bobs, that counteract the sweeping looks," he says.


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For both practical and aesthetic reasons, you really can't beat a classic shoulder-length bob.

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10. Butterfly Haircut


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According to Milk + Blush hair expert Nicole Petty, this styling trend, which emerged on TikTok, is all about voluminous, sexy, layered hair. "First, the stylist sections the hair by making a straight line across the head behind each ear and puts the front section in a ponytail," she explains. "Next, you put the back section into a high ‘Ariana Grande style’ ponytail and cuts off ‘a good amount of hair’ from the front and back sections." The result? A choppy-layered messy haircut with short, face-framing curtain bangs.


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"The haircut should combine short and long layers, where the top can be separated from the bottom and pinned under to give the illusion of short hair," adds Petty. "Essentially, it's great for those considering short hair who aren't quite ready to make the chop."

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11. Side-Partings


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"The last two years were all about the middle parting, which made a comeback alongside other 'Y2K' trends from the early 2000s, but it's the side-parting renaissance will be in full swing this year." says Petty.



According to Petty, this style can be adapted to suit each different face shape. "If you have a round or heart-shaped face, deep side-partings can add the illusion of length to the face, create symmetry, and soften the cheekbones," she explains. "If you have a square face, a side-parting with a swooping fringe can offset the sharpness of the jaw."

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