24 Fringes That Suit Everyone, According to Hair Experts

Everyone goes through a phase in their life (at least once) where they consider getting a fringe cut in. While in can seem like a daunting commitment, it’s also one of the easiest ways to change up your hairstyle if you want to try something new. Plus, there are plenty of options to choose from no matter what your hair type, texture, or face shape - curtain, blunt, micro, side-swept - the list goes on…

"Fringes are timeless because they’re so flattering,” says hairstylist and salon owner Melissa Timperley. "They’re a great way to draw attention to your eyes and also to contour the face.” So what’s the most low maintenance fringe shape you can go go for? "The grown out bangs style where they’re cut to cheekbone length or even what we call ‘the blogger fringe’ which is slightly shorter in the middle and then curves out and is longer at the sides,” says Timperley. "These styles are really popular at the moment because they’re easy to grow out, you can push them to one side or the other, and they’re easy to style back in an up-do.”


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It’s true that a fringe does require a certain degree of maintenance. According to Timperley, most fringes will require a monthly trim to keep them looking fresh. "My top tip for daily fringe maintenance is applying dry shampoo,” she advises. "Think of it like deodorant - you wouldn’t put deodorant on after you’ve sweated, you put it on before. So spray a little bit of dry shampoo in your fringe right after you’ve washed it.” If you’ve previously committed to a fringe and regretted it, Timperley recommends asking your hairdresser for tips on how to style your particular fringe, since without this knowledge it’s easy to become frustrated and fall out of love with the style. "To dry any fringe it’s got to be really really wet, and for most you’ll want to wrap dry it from side to side using a brush,” she recommends. "Your head needs to be down slightly so the hairdryer is angled from above your hair.”

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all fringe, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite low-maintenance fringe haircuts to spark your inspiration (and send to your hairdresser).

1. Full Fringes

The classic fringe style for a bold, timeless look which suits any hair length. 


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A full fringe with a French bob is a truly iconic hairstyle. 


(Image credit: @MARIA_BERNAD)

Even long hair can wear a full fringe, as demonstrated by Maria Bernad.


(Image credit: @POMELOKIWIE)

Dominique's full fringe is blunt and insanely chic.


(Image credit: @KATHERINE_ORMEROD)

Katherine's structured bob suits a full blunt cut fringe perfectly. 


(Image credit: @LEFEVREDIARY)

Amy's full and blocky fringe paired with a shaggy bob is giving us all of the inspiration.


(Image credit: @SAASHA_BURNS)

This flared out 70s-style fringe looks incredible on Saasha Burns. 


(Image credit: @harrietstewart)

The boots, the fringe, the skirt. I love everything about Harriet's mirror selfie look here.


(Image credit: @SAMANTHEA)

A long and layered style like this one makes for the ultimate low-maintenance fringe.

2. Light and Choppy Fringes

The ultimate 'French girl' fringe style. It's not full; it's not curtains. It's somewhere in between. 


(Image credit: @ZOOEYDESCHANEL)

Zooey Deschanel's signature tousled style really is heavy fringe perfection.


(Image credit: @JUSTINEMARJAN)

Paired with a retro up-do, this light choppy fringe looks awesome on Ella Balinska. 


(Image credit: @DAISYEDGARJONES)

We're loving this full, but slightly choppy fringe with Daisy Edgar Jones' mid-length hair.


(Image credit: @RASHIDAJONES)

Got fine hair? Opt for a long fringe that can be worn straight or pushed to both sides if need be, like Rashida Jones.

3. Micro Fringes

A brave and alternative way to wear a fringe - this requires the most commitment. 


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Alyssa Coscarelli's micro fringe looks great with her grown out pixie cut. It's a bold look, but she always pulls it off. 


(Image credit: @NICOLEOCRAN)

Curly hair? You can still nail a micro fringe, as proven by Nicole Ocran.


(Image credit: @ISABEL_HENDRIX)

Choppy and tousled. Isabel Hendrix's mini fringe pairs perfectly with her short curls.


(Image credit: @EMANUELLEK_)

Emanuelle Koffi's layered look offers up the perfect micro fringe styling option for curly hair.

4. Side Fringes

The perfect introductory style to a fringe (or a chic exit style if you're growing out an existing full fringe). According to hair stylists, side fringes will be bang on trend in 2023...


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Proof that the statement side fringe really is a returning trend. Bella Hadid's style is sleek, polished, and brings major 00's vibes.



Loïcka Grâce demonstrates a chic and modern way to style a side fringe.


(Image credit: @BY.REGIINA)

Jessi Garcia complements her super long lengths with a dramatic side-swept fringe.

5. Curtain Fringes

The curtain or parted fringe is one of the most versatile and low maintenance fringes around. Depending on the length, you can either part it in the centre for sweeping bangs or pull forwards and style as a longer full fringe. Because it's layered to grow out seamlessly, you don't have to worry about regular trims.


(Image credit: @ROSIEANNBUTCHER)

Rosie Butcher shows you can still look cool when in the process of growing out a full fringe. 


(Image credit: @EMRATA)

This layered curtain fringe suits Emily Ratajkowski perfectly. 


(Image credit: @JEANNINE.ROXAS)

As your fringe grows out, it can be parted in the centre and heat styled away from the face for bouncy volume.



A curtain fringe is a great way to soften a centre parting and create facial symmetry. 


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Looking for new ways to style your curtain fringe? Team it with an on-trend understated up-do to emphasise your cheekbones.

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