The Mixie Look Is Set to Be the Coolest Haircut of the New Year

Without fail, every year, there tends to be one bold haircut that dominates beauty trend reports and shoots to the top of the most-requested list at high-street salons for those of us feeling brave enough for a change. In 2020, it was the shag. In 2021, it was the mullet. And in 2022, there is already one haircut that looks set to reign supreme: the mixie. 

"The mixie haircut is a really fun, edgy haircut we'll see coming through in 2022 and is a cross between the mullet and a pixie—short at the front, longer and choppier at the back," explains Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel. "The look is a renaissance of the wolf or shag retro haircut which we've seen come through this year, and this look is ideal for those looking to experiment with short hair."


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And while it might sound a little out there, the hair experts that I've spoken to are firmly of the belief that the mixie works just as well in real life as it does on the runway. "What with being in lockdowns and surviving a pandemic, so many of us are starting to become more experimental with our looks and opting for creative cuts just like this. But … Many of us are also in the habit of doing less with our hair and are looking for haircuts and styles that are effortless and require little to no styling," says Dylan Brittain, Schwarzkopf UK ambassador and international artistic director at Rainbow Room International.

"The mixie is ideal for those who are looking for something a little more low-maintenance, as it looks great without the use of heated styling tools. Instead, simply spritz through a sea-salt spray to give extra texture or use a matte pomade or wax at the top of the cut to give texture and movement," he adds.


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So what kind of hair does the mixie haircut work best for? The good news is that it's basically universal. "The mixie really works on most hair types and textures and, like the pixie cut, can actually add volume and texture to finer hair," advises Marcus Giamattei, Joico guest artist and British Hairdressing Awards Southern Hairdresser of the Year. "It also works equally well on thicker, coarser hair or hair that has a slight wave to it. It's a very 'free' haircut—not overstyled or overworked."


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The beauty of the mixie definitely lies in how versatile this cut is, so if you're ready to book in at the salon, then hair pros have a few tips for you. "A picture speaks a thousand words, so if you see something you like, bring in a photograph of it into the salon to use as a point of discussion with your hairdresser. They will talk you through what will work and what won't for your hair," advises Giamattei.

"Demi Lovato's version of the mixie is on the shorter side, whereas Miley Cyrus wears her mixie a little longer, which makes it more versatile," he says. "Points to discuss with your stylist are the type of fringe you want, how short and how choppy you feel comfortable with and how much length (the mullet part) you want to leave at the back."


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Mica Ricketts