Experts Agree: This is the One Haircut That Always Looks Great on Over-50 Celebs

In my role as a beauty editor, I like to keep my eyes peeled on the haircuts that celebrities are choosing. Right now, I'm seeing a lot of celebrities turn to the pixie cut, while '70s-inspired haircuts like the shag and curtain bangs are continuing to make a huge comeback. However, when it comes to timeless hairstyles that really stand the test of time, there is one haircut that I see time and again on celebrities over 50. The haircut in question? Layered bobs.

Like blunt bobs, layered bobs not only are timeless but also suit fine hair particularly well. As we grow older, our hair can become thinner, but a layered bob helps to keep the length while adding dimension and making hair look thicker. "Bobs of any length or haircuts with a solid outline are always a good choice for fine hair," says Craig Taylor, session stylist and creative director of Hari’s salon. "The solid outline of a bob will always give the illusion of thicker hair, as the hair ends are blunt, and the weight of the hair is heavier and full," he says.

If you're thinking of getting a layered bob, then Taylor recommends consulting your hairstylist on what length and shape would work best for you. "The deciding factors on what length the bob should be to create an appearance of thicker hair depends on where the hair naturally starts to become thinner," he says. "The balance of suitability for the hair type and a length that best suits the face becomes the optimum choice for the haircut length."

Strategically placed layers can also help to create the illusion of thicker hair, and Taylor says that styling is key to getting the most out of these. "For styling hair with layered bobs, those layers have been either added for volume or texture. Diffuse the hair to maximise the natural volume and texture the hair has," he says. However, don't be temped to over-style the hair. "Don’t over-dry or over-brush the hair, as this will flatten the hair or create unwanted static and frizz," says Taylor. "Use an electrical appliance such as a tong, wand or straighteners to create further texture and movement. Try to use your fingers over brushes, and to finish, add a small amount of styling cream to pronounce the textured layers."

Ahead, we've rounded up 27 layered bobs for fine hair that look amazing on over-50 celebrities. 

Layered-Bob Haircuts on Over-50 Celebrities


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We're used to seeing Jennifer Lopez with a voluminous blowout, but we're equally in love with this sleek layered bob, which works for any hair thickness. To avoid this style falling flat, Taylor has some tips. "Start with a good holding product such as a mousse," he says. "These should be applied only when the hair is about 70% to 80% dry for two reasons: to gain the most amount of natural body and to prevent diluting the product, making it less effective in hair that is too wet."


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Cate Blanchett's wavy bob is stylishly swept into side parting and feels really fresh. It works as all one length but would also look great with some face-framing layers added in. To make the most of your hair's natural texture, Taylor recommends a salt spray. "As salt spray like L'Oréal Professionnel TECNI.ART Beach Waves will add further fullness and body," he says.


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It's been the Vogue editor's iconic haircut for years, and it still looks timelessly stylish. Anna Wintour's rounded layers give her bob shape and volume.


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Michelle Obama's curls look so elegant in this bob haircut and are subtly layered to give body and definition to her natural texture.


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This shaggy haircut looks great cut into a bob length and a choppy fringe. "A blast of dry shampoo sprayed upside down to reach into the hair roots will help to give support and more volume," says Taylor.


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The simplicity of this long-bob haircut speaks for itself, and it's a great length if you don't want to go too short. Do like Julia Roberts and choose some subtle face-framing layers at the front of your hair.


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Alfre Woodard's coiffed bob is so glamorous, and the layers through the lengths add so much volume and texture to the hair.


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Type 4 hair looks phenomenal cut into a bob haircut, and her subtle layers give extra volume and shape.


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Shohreh Aghdashloo's flame-red hair colour is beautiful alone, but we're taking note of this lob haircut that makes hair look thicker while retaining some of the length.


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Andie MacDowell proves that a layered-bob haircut works brilliantly for curls.


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A great hairstylist will perfectly cut curls into a layered bob to achieve a great shape. We're saving this great haircut on Viola Davis.


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This longer layered bob gives Meg Ryan's hair covetable volume.


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The French know a good haircut, and Carine Roitfeld's side-parted layered bob haircut is incredibly chic.


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A shorter bob length and layers allows you to play with styling. We love Kim Cattrall's loose waves.


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A layered bob cut to the cheekbones is a classic haircut, as Helen Mirren shows.


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If a bob haircut is good enough for supermodel Naomi Campbell, we're happy to get on board too.


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How beautiful do these glamorous curls look in Jessica Lange's layered bob?


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Courteney Cox's graduated bob is longer at the front and shorter at the back to create the illusion of thickness while retaining length.


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If you want to add a fringe to your layered-bob haircut, then why not try this wispy fringe like Halle Berry's?


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Half pixie and half bob, Tilda Swinton's cut combines the best of both for a stylish shape with length at the front.


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An eyelash-skimming fringe is the perfect addition to a layered bob, as Tina Turner proves.


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Note how Yolanda Hadid's bob cut is elegantly swept back behind the ears—it's such a versatile hairstyle.


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As Iman demonstrates, a swooping side fringe with layers will instantly update a bob hairstyle.


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A jaw-skimming bob parted to the side is so elegant, so we're taking this image of Linda Fargo straight to the salon.


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If you have fine hair, then some subtle layers in your bob haircut will help give weightless definition like Mary Berry's haircut.


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We're just a little bit obsessed with Kris Jenner's retro flicked-out ends in her layered bob hairstyle.


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Want to create instant volume? Swap a middle parting to a side parting for instant volume in a layered bob cut like Lisa Kudrow's.

How to style a layered bob haircut:

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