We're Putting It Out There—These Halloween Nail Designs Are Actually Really Chic

Here at Who What Wear, if there's one thing that's guaranteed to get us into a scroll hole on Instagram, it's nail designs. Whether it's intricate nail art or immaculately painted seasonal manis, if there's a design out there that makes us swoon, we're saving it down. A quick look at our "saved" folders will show just how seriously we take our nail game—there are endless inspo pics queued up for our nail techs at our next appointments.

Because we're so on the ball when it comes to nail inspo, whenever a particular event arises, we've already got a bank of suitably chic looks to choose from. And it's this time of year when we become most grateful for our scrolling. With the sun setting on summer, we're already looking towards pumpkin-spice-latte season. While we're busy packing away our summer-bright lacquers and digging out deep, warm autumnal shades, there's one thing we just can't get out of our minds: Halloween. Much like Valentine's Day and Christmas, Halloween is a time we like to get a little more novel with our nail choices. What's more fun, after all, than celebrating festivities via your nail designs? If you, too, like to pay a subtle tribute to holidays without going overly kitsch, keep scrolling for the 25 chicest Halloween nail designs out there.

1. Blood Red



Pairing a bright, pillar-box red with a deeper, blood-like shade is the ultimate way to keep things suitably understated this Halloween. 

2. Friendly Ghosts


(Image credit: @THEMANICLUB)

Have you ever seen a cuter nail design? Paint tips with a crisp, white lacquer, popping two black dots to act as eyes—it's easy enough to do at home.

3. Fine Cobwebs


(Image credit: @VARNISHLANE)

Milky nudes have been huge this year, and there's no reason you can't take your favourite trends and give them a spooky edge. These super-fine cobweb tips paired with a nude base are a perfect example.

4. Beetlejuice



Possibly one of our favourite designs out there, this stripy design is serving major Beetlejuice vibes without being too Halloween-y.

5. Playful Tips


(Image credit: @PARAGONNAILS)

Bright nail art isn't going anywhere this autumn, and we can't get enough of these poppy, playful tips.

6. Accent Drip


(Image credit: @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN)

Subtle nail art at its finest, Betina Goldstein's perfectly preened manicures get a Halloween update with this intricately painted, bloodied accent.

7. Cat Eyes


(Image credit: @PARAGONNAILS)

If you have all of the faith in your nail tech's abilities, this design is for you. With high-gloss and crystal accents, these cat-eye nails just look like a super-luxe mani from a distance, but look closer and you'll get the spook factor. 

8. Ombré Pumpkin



If you appreciate the beauty of novelty ghosts, pumpkins and the like but don't feel as though they're the right fit for you, pay tribute to Halloween with this chic ombré design in pumpkin orange to keep things low-key.

9. Micro Spooks


(Image credit: @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN)

Swap out summer's oh-so-popular evil-eye micro accents for suitably spooky alternatives. Between black cats, witches hats, pumpkins, ghosts and broomsticks, the possibilities are endless.

10. Neon Slime



For those that like their nails to do the talking, make a statement by pairing a bright neon hue with a black design.

11. Black Flames


(Image credit: @VARNISHLANE)

This year has seen flame nail designs hit the big time. While bright designs were everywhere this spring/summer, it's time to turn your go-to designs black for Halloween. 

12. Orange Checkerboard



Another example of how you can refresh your go-to nail art of choice for Halloween. While green and purple checkerboard nails have been all over our feeds for a little while, this orange-black version is top of our inspo list this October.

13. Snake Scales



One to definitely take to your nail tech, this intricate design might take hours to execute, but we'd say the results make it worth it.

14. Green Goo


(Image credit: @IMARNINAILS)

Gooey nail drips have, once again, been a hit in 2022, but we love the way this particular design incorporates some subtle shimmer to keep it wearable.

15. 3D Cobwebs


(Image credit: @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN)

Again, this design might require the expertise of a trained nail tech. It has a 3D, web-like structure, and we've never seen a mani quite like it.

16. Pumpkin Rainbow


(Image credit: @THEMANICLUB)

If intricate art isn't for you, keep things understated and classic with a simple rainbow mani using orange hues reminiscent of pumpkin.

17. Night Sky


(Image credit: @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN)

A super-glossy lick of black lacquer on nails is eternally chic, and this night-sky design only makes it better.

18. Blood Drops


(Image credit: @VARNISHLANE)

For those that don't like Halloween to be all doom and gloom, take notes from this bloody design and turn your drips into little love hearts.

19. Cat Eyes


(Image credit: @OLIVEANDJUNE)

We simply adore this design, and it couldn't be easier to do. Simply paint your nails black, source some Halloween-appropriate nail stickers (you'll find these sorts of eyes in a whole bunch of packs), stick them in place and secure with a clear top coat.

20. Watching Eyes


(Image credit: @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN)

From a distance these are chic matte brown nails. Look closely, and you'll notice you're being watched right back...

21. Ghosts & Cobwebs


(Image credit: @OLIVEANDJUNE)

Can't decide between ghosts, cobwebs, and cat eyes? Choose them all!

22. Pearl Spider


(Image credit: @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN)

Have you ever seen a more chic spider? We're obsessed with the simplicity of this design. It's a super chic and subtle way to embrace spooky season.

23. 3D Spiders


(Image credit: @IMARNINAILS)

Matte milky nails have been a huge trend this year. Pair the chic, understated base with a bold 3D spider design. The coloiur contrast really makes the detail stand out.

24. Black Talons


(Image credit: @VARNISHLANE)

If you want a nail design that will last beyond October 31st, opting for a simple black manicure is a failsafe option. Keep your nails long and ask for a pointed tip to lean into the witchy vibes.

25. Gruesome Stitches


(Image credit: @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN)

If you plan on dressing up for Halloween then this design would be the perfect accompaniment to a corpse or Frankenstein's monster costume. It's subtle and minimal, but definitely nails the gory brief.

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