These Are the Only 2023 Nail Trends That You Need to Know

We're officially over halfway through the year, so naturally, I'm wanting to know what the biggest nails trends for the remainder of 2023 will be. Twenty twenty-two saw a number of nail art trends, from the Hailey Bieber "glazed donut" manicure to the colourful French tips that we turned to as the temperatures soared. But what does 2023 hold for nail designs? As a beauty editor, I'm keen to know what we'll all be booking in for at our beloved nail salons through the rest of this year.


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To find out which nail trends, nail colours and nail art we will all be booking in for this year, I asked two top nail experts to share their predictions with me. Ahead, celebrity nail artist Gracie J of The Editorial Nail and Samantha Kendrew, head educator at Mii Cosmetics, share the 2023 nail trends that you should have on your radar. Get ready to book in that all-important nail appointment.

1. French Illusion Nails


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It's a nail trend that has taken over our social media feeds recently, and this optical-illusion manicure is set to continue into 2023. The ombré effect creates a three-dimensional look that gives the illusion of light and shadow on the nails. We can also expect to see the traditional French manicure take a twist, with abstract placement that turns the simple lines on its head.

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Lavender is one shade you can expect to see a lot of this year, making it the perfect way to wear the trend.

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2. Sensorial Nails

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Sensorial nails with tactile textures will be big news for summer and autumn says Kendrew. "Maximalist is definitely here for 2023," she says. "Nails will be tactile and dressed with a variety of textures including 3D decals, gems and floral adornments in a non-traditional application to create texture. This can be worn as a signature nail, on the tips or a fully immersive style."

Whether it's embellishments or texture-effect polishes, we can expect the sensorial nail trend to take off on our fingertips in 2023.


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Adorning a nail on each hand with embellishment is a super wearable way to embrace the trend.

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Glazed nails are very much here to stay thanks to the likes of Hailey Bieber.

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3. Velvet Nails

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On the tail of the sensorial trend are velvet—or cat-eye—nails. We've spotted this nail effect on the social feeds of the biggest nail techs, and it is still gaining momentum with varying application methods and designs. These shimmering polishes react with magnetic exposure, creating a dual-toned effect that resembles the expensive look of velvet. 


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A velvet-inspired twist on a French mani. We love.


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When your bold blue velvet mani perfectly compliments your Milk Makeup stash. 

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4. Shape-Shifting Nails

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"As a press-on aficionado, my favourite thing to do with my press-on nails is to incorporate versatility in the designs," says Gracie J. "I love a two-in-one look that can shape-shift without compromising the integrity of the design. It's one of the key features in my collection and such a fun way to diversify nail art for my clients and customers." Simply choose a long nail design and cut down (and file) to create a brand-new nail design.


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The chocolate-toned mani of dreams.

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It's safe to say we are completely mesmerised by this video.

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5. Molten Metallics


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"Melted metallics and iridescent silver finishes give an out-of-this-world, virtual-reality feel to nails," says Kendrew. We're continuing to see chrome powders and molten polishes reign, and this trend is only going to gain momentum in 2023.


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*Saves for next trip to the nail salon*


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Created by using a chrome powder which is buffed into the nail. 

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6. Optimistic Tones


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Beauty can often be a mirror for—or a form of escapism from—the world around us, and Kendrew predicts that we'll be tuning in to optimistic colours over the next few months. "Bold, uplifting colours such as turquoise, fuchsia, bright blue and luscious red will showcase this desire for optimism and joy," she says. Whether it's a minimalist French tip or clashing bright tones, we're getting a hit of dopamine from these bright nail hues.


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Mint green is another shade set to be everywhere this year. Opt for it on your tips for a clean-and-cool-girl way to wear the trend.


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Looking at this mani is an immediate mood-booster. 

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7. Mood Ring Nails


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We're getting all the good vibes for these mood-ring nails in 2023. Also coined aura nails, this nail art design is created with an airbrush gun, so it's a design you should definitely book in with your nail technician for the best finish. However, we're also seeing the return of colour-changing nail polishes that react to temperature, so you can still get the mood-ring effect at home.


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We have nail, eyeshadow and vintage leather jacket envy right now. 


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Valentine's Day is just around the corner...

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8. Milky Nails


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This trend is as much about texture as it it about colour. Think of it as a blended French manicure—pinky-white in hue with a sheer, high shine finish.



This easy-to-achieve and low maintenance trend is a fresh and fun take on natural-looking nails. Choose between cool-toned and warm-toned shades to best suit your skin tone.

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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