It's True: Everyone in L.A. to Paris Will Be Wearing These 3 Hairstyles

In the world of fashion and beauty, trends come and go, often at an alarming rate. Just think: There was a time when we would have uttered a collective gasp at the thought of low-rise jeans and body shimmer coming back, yet here we are. And those aren't the only Y2K trends that have returned—zig-zag parts and frosted eye shadow have joined them (but that's a conversation for another time).

Hairstyle trends can be particularly hard to pin down (pun intended). There are certain trends that differ according to the celebrities that wear them and the cities that embrace them. A strong few, however, are buzzy enough to transcend those limits, working for everyone despite our varying aesthetics and locales. Keep scrolling to see the three most major hairstyle trends that everyone will be wearing this year, regardless of whether you find yourself in Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York, or anywhere else for that matter. 

1. The '90s Blowout


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The first major hairstyle is one that's been trending for a while now but shows no signs of stopping. "Everything '90s is trending for 2023," says hairstylist Jennifer Korab. "To achieve the '90s blowout I recommend using a mousse or root lifter to be applied to wet hair. Next, blow-dry using a large round brush and over-direct to create added volume. My personal favorite product for this style is Pureology Weightless Mousse and Levitation Mist. These two products together will add volume and hold."


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Hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez agrees, saying, "Especially with Pamela Anderson’s resurgence, I predict bouncy blowouts and easy updos will be hot." She recommends prepping the hair with heat protection before applying mousse to the roots and combing it throughout the hair. From there, blow-dry from the crown and work your way toward the nape of the neck. "After drying each section with a round brush, pin it into place slightly over-directing the roots, this adds that extra oomph of volume." You can even use velcro rollers to "maximize the shape" and "ensure the curl isn't too tight."


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If it's the '90s updo you're after, which the stylists say will be just as trendy as the original blowout, Alvarez has some tips for you. "To achieve the easy '90s updo (think Pamela Anderson), gather your hair into a mid to high bun. It’s meant to be messy so pull your bun apart, then pull out face-framing pieces along your hairline to create a faux fringe. Pull out a few more pieces by your ears and at the nape." 

Hairstylist and SexyHair's lead artist Graham Nation agrees that the messy '90s updo will be everywhere this year. "For the '90s updo, I always say look at the 'cool' girls—Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Maddie Ziegler. These girls help shape what all of our clients want. Mix that with clothing trends and the Pamela Anderson documentary coming out and I think it’s a perfect mixture for the '90s updo," he says. 

He recommends keeping it loose, not making it look too 'done.' "Follow the jawline up the side of the head and that will give you the perfect placement," he says. "Create a bun and start deconstructing the style pulling some pieces out and also with texture spray to give the effortless look."

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2. The Wet Look


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The second trend is another familiar favourite—the wet-look style (if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?). Multiple hairstylists named this as a major trend for the coming year, and they're right, especially if recent red carpet looks are any indication. "This style looks great for any occasion," Korab says. "It can be sophisticated or can be a punk edgy look. To achieve this look, I like to start with a mouse or gel and section your hair off, blow-drying the product in. Finishing off with hair spray to create the 'wet' look."


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Hairstylist Sunnie Brook agrees, saying even though this is a major red carpet trend, it translates well to real life too. "People are wanting to feel luxurious in their beauty routines by emulating professionally done hair at home," she says.

There are multiple techniques to achieve a wet-look hairstyle, and each hairstylist recommended a slightly different one. In Brook's case, all she recommends is a flake-free gel like Biolage's Styling Gelée. Comb it through your hair right out of the shower before securing your hair into the desired shape with crease-free clips. "Let it air-dry or speed up the process by using your diffuser set on low heat, low airflow." 


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Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons has a different method for achieving the same look. "The 'fresh out the shower' wet look is one of my favourites to make a statement on the red carpet and I think it's here to stay," he says. "This damp look manages to look sleek, sexy, and grunge all at once, reminiscent of the '90s." 

Fitzsimons' take on the wet look involves a leave-in conditioner, a dry oil, and a shine spray. "You should dampen your strands with a leave-in conditioner and evenly distribute from the mid-length of the hair to the ends," he explains. "Next, you should blow-dry the hair before using a curling iron to create messy-looking waves. Drench the hair in dry oil for a wet effect that won't weigh your locks down. Finish off the look with a strong hair spray and a bit of shine spray that will hold all night and with long-lasting shine." 

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3. Sleek and Short


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If you have shorter hair, the major trend will be all about sleekness and shine. "I think with the popularity of the model-off-duty look, the bob will become a way for people to elevate their look and make a statement in a subtle, sultry way," Fitzsimons says. "Celebrities like Hailey Beiber and Zendaya have already been seen rocking the style as well." 


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Alvarez and Brook agree that the bob will be big—especially a sleek and shiny version. "This sleek, shiny bob is easily achievable," Alvarez says. "The prep is just as important as the styling and is a crucial step. Wash and condition using Biolage’s Smooth Proof Shampoo and Conditioner to reduce frizz and split ends. Followed by Biolage All-In-One Coconut Infusion Leave-In Spray from roots to ends. This spray is lightweight with a light hold with a glossy finish and heat protection. Using a paddle brush, blow-dry your hair smoothly. Finish with a flat iron for a shiny sleek finish."


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For an old Hollywood take on the look, create a deep side part like Florence Pugh's hairstylist did here (after all, the words "sleek bob" don't automatically mean you have to work with a centre part). Just be sure to apply a shine spray to give your hair a similarly expensive look. 

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