Elsa Hosk Just Brought Back This Controversial Hairstyle (and We're Loving It)



In case you haven't heard, everything from the '90s and early 2000s is back. The latest? A controversial hairstyle that we thought we left long behind us. Let's all give a warm welcome to the zigzag part, recently proven to be in again by Elsa Hosk herself. And as we all know, if Hosk starts a new beauty trend, it will be ubiquitous in a few months' time. 

Today's version of the zigzag part is undeniably cool. Hosk made it look sleek and effortless by slicking her hair down and into a bun at the nape of her neck. Paired with minimal makeup and glossy lips, this style is the perfect way to bring back an old favorite in a way that feels reimagined and modern. A sleek bun paired with a zigzag part feels extremely 2023, and we're here for it to start gaining more momentum.



If you want to be one of the first to hop on this trend, I did the heavy-lifting for you and re-created the look using products I already had. Follow along for my step-by-step tutorial, including every product you'll need and how to use it. Be the first of everyone you know to nail this look, and you'll be a pacemaker. 



My version. 

Step 1: Work a hair mask and hair oil through your hair.

I started with dry hair, but you could start with wet hair too. I combined equal parts hair oil and hair mask in my hands before working the mixture through my hair to create a sleek, almost-wet effect for grip. 

Step 2: Use a rat-tail comb to create a zigzag effect.

I used a regular comb, but for the sharpest lines, I would recommend opting for a rat-tail comb. Draw lines with the pointy end and comb out afterward with the comb end. 

Step 3: Slick down hair with gel before securing it in place.

To make sure everything stays exactly where you want it to be, use gel to slick down hair and keep any stray hairs at bay. Tie hair into a ponytail at nape of your neck before twisting into a bun and securing with another hair tie. 

Step 4: Hold it all in place with hair spray. 

Use hair spray as a finishing touch to keep everything in place. Keep it a light mist so your hair doesn't get crunchy, and opt for one with a shine-boosting finish.