I Have Casual Style—These Are the Spring Trends I'm Embracing This Year

When I started properly getting into fashion in my mid-teens (my interest up to this point went as far as admiring and recreating TV characters' outfits) I felt a weighty pressure to hop on board with every single trend, season after season. I'd flick through the latest issue of Vogue, and if I didn't like one of the slickly styled looks that occupied a double-page spread, I'd figure I just didn't ‘get’ it. I'm not sure quite where this pressure came from, but as I got older and began spending my own money on clothes, it continued—and often led to me buying a low-quality piece that ticked the necessary boxes, then unceremoniously discarding it once the trend was considered ‘passé’. Today, of course, this seems immensely wasteful.

At the risk of stating the obvious, trends are totally subjective. Just because the fashion world approves, it doesn't mean you have to. It took me until my twenties to fully grasp this, and even now I occasionally have to ask myself if I like something because it's to my taste, or because I've seen it everywhere. I can admire an item on someone else whilst acknowledging that it's not for me. And it's also okay to dislike a trend and pray for it to retire back into the past (hello, low-waisted trousers!).

In the spirit of taking the pressure off, I decided to share which of this season's headline trends will be making their way into my wardrobe (and sticking around for years to come, even if they go back our of trend again) and which I'll be passing on for now. Mostly, it comes down to the silhouettes, fabrications and design details I can envision working with my existing clothes, and I encourage you to ask yourself the same when considering which looks to invest in. My style is always evolving, and I might eat my words in just a few months' time, but for now, these are the casual trends I'm fully backing.

Parking: '80s Drama

Embracing: '90s Minimalism


(Image credit: The Style Stalker)

Style Notes: As much fun as frills, power shoulders and bold jewel tones are, a simple '90s-tinged outfit in a neutral colour palette feels much more 'me'; especially for the average day. If you relate, focus your attention on elevated basics like tailored blazers, figure-skimming dresses and leather accessories.


Parking: Logo Belts

Embracing: Pretty Earrings


(Image credit: The Style Stalker)

Style Notes: As a young freelancer, I'm always on a budget when shopping and investing in trends, so the new obsession with designer belts is one I'll have to sit out on. It's okay, I'm not a fan of logos anyway. Instead, I'll be adding that splash of gold to my outfits via pretty earrings. This look is much more my speed, and can be achieved super affordably, too.


Parking: Corsetry

Embracing: Balletcore


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: I'll admit it: I don't quite have the nerve to walk out in a corset. I always admire people who rock them on the regular, but I accepted the first time this trend surfaced that it just wasn't my style. Conversely, I'll be grasping onto the nostalgic ‘balletcore’ trend with both hands. It's almost inspired me to sign up for a barre class, but don't hold me to that. Pretty and simple, this trend is just what I need to get me ready for spring.


Parking: Metallics

Embracing: Double Denim


(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

Style Notes: A friend of mine recently came out for drinks wearing silver metallic trousers, and she looked amazing. Yet I can't help but feel that if I wore the same trousers I'd resemble the Tin Man. Double denim, while still out-there compared to my usual uniform, feels like a more wearable fabric choice.


Parking: Slouchy Clutches

Embracing: Cross-Body Bags


(Image credit: The Style Stalker)

Style Notes: The busier life gets, the less tolerant I am of minor sartorial irritations. Think shoes that pinch your toes, or tights that keep slipping down. With this in mind, it makes much more sense for me to go hands-free with a cross-body than have to constantly adjust a clutch under my arm. Even if it's as chic as Bottega Veneta intrecciato pouches.


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