The Exact Jeans, Trainers and T-Shirts Our Editors Actually Buy and Wear

Not every trend is for everyone, and similarly, some might consider themselves more of a dress person than a trouser one. Fashion is subjective—that's one of the things we love about it—but there are certain pieces that are common to most, if not all, wardrobes. Today we're talking about three that we're confident everyone owns (and if not, you're missing out big time): Jeans, trainers and t-shirts.

Even if you don't count on these versatile, whatever-the-weather items to form the foundation of your outfits, our editors definitely do. And they know better than anyone that not all jeans, trainers and tees are created equal. Whether it's the fabric choice, the cut or how the design stands up to repeated washes, there are all kinds of criteria they keep in mind when wading through the huge selection out there, in order to whittle it down to a few worthy winners.

If you're looking to replenish your denim, trainers, t-shirts, or all of the above, scroll on to see and shop the Who What Wear editors' all-time favourite picks.

Hannah Almassi, Editor-in-Chief


(Image credit: @hannahalmassi)

Shop Hannah's Favourite T-Shirt:

Shop Hannah's Favourite Jeans:

Shop Hannah's Favourite Trainers:

Remy Farrell, Shopping Editor


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Shop Remy's Favourite T-Shirt:

Shop Remy's Favourite Jeans:

Shop Remy's Favourite Trainers:

Poppy Nash, Managing Editor


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Shop Poppy's Favourite T-Shirt:

Shop Poppy's Favourite Jeans:

Shop Poppy's Favourite Trainers:

Rebecca Rhys-Evans, Branded Content Editor


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Shop Rebecca's Favourite T-Shirt:

Shop Rebecca's Favourite Jeans:

Shop Rebecca's Favourite Trainers:

Emily Dawes, Affiliate Editor


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Shop Emily's Favourite Jeans:

Shop Emily's Favourite Jeans:

Shop Emily's Favourite Trainers:

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