I'm Over Ostentatious Designer Bags—7 Low-Key Styles That Say "I'm in the Know"

For a while now, we've been witness to Spanish heritage brand Loewe's growing influence in the fashion world. Since Brit Jonathan Anderson's appointment as creative director in 2013, the whole line has become more and more covetable—especially the bags. (Oh, the bags!) He's been credited for the revival of this luxury brand, which was originally founded in 1846 and has been favoured by the likes of Sophia Loren and Marlene Dietrich over the years. Iconic, right? But it's Anderson's modern twists on classics that we've come to love. After all, his raffia logo totes are basically responsible for the basket-bag phenomenon that has been all over Instagram the past few summers.


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However, it's not just the basket bag that has won the hearts of fashion insiders. The understated elegance of Loewe's buttery leather styles has made them a runaway hit as well. These are understated, low-key bags—bags that say "I'm in the know." There are no shouty logos, the likes of which you might find at Gucci or Fendi, but they will be considered chic forever. The only hard bit about the decision to invest in a Loewe bag is choosing one. Keep scrolling for our guide to the timeless styles the fashion crowd are loving right now…

1. The Puzzle

The Puzzle bag is basically Loewe's version of a Chanel 2.55—a timeless classic. You can see as you keep scrolling that it's been a firm favourite for the street style set since its inception in 2015. The iconic soft angular shape is updated every season in an array of different colourways, and for this season Anderson has even released the new Puzzle Fold tote—a larger, practical shoulder bag that's just as covetable. 


(Image credit: @_jessicaskye)

Jessica can regularly be seen toting her Loewe Puzzle bag. 


2. The Goya

Loewe's Goya bag which arrived in the Fall 2021 collection is so classic it feels like it's been around a lot longer. The original in silk calfskin leather is quiet luxury encapsulated. Elegant and understated, it's a classic flap satchel bag with nothing to identify it other than the small polished anagram logo. For a more trend-forward take that screams "I'm in the know", you may want to opt for the more recently reimagined puffer Goya, still just as simple but with a playful squishy exterior that fashion people have unsurprisingly gone wild for. 



The Loewe puffer Goya has taken the fashion world by storm recently. 


3. The Hammock

The Hammock style has proved ever popular due to the fact that you can wear it multiple ways: on the shoulder, handheld and crossbody. So that's basically three bags in one, right? Its changing shape makes it really versatile, especially if you want to invest in one bag to rule them all.


(Image credit: @handinfire)

Tiffany Hsu's tan mini Hammock bag is outfit-finishing goals.


4. The Flamenco

The soft, squeezable Flamenco is the ultimate modern clutch bag option. It comes in cute mini versions which make the ultimate evening style, and even a newer larger tote version with a shoulder strap if you prefer to go hands free. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe)

Make a statement with a bold, oversized Flamenco. 


5. The Gate

This is another instantly recognisable Loewe design. The endless number of colour and size options available is incredibly dangerous to our bank balances, as we just keep adding new styles to our wish lists with every release. Our current favourite? It has to be the new canvas-strap version. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker)


6. The Basket

What Loewe bag round-up would be complete without the brand's most accessible style? The basket raffia tote has become something of a status symbol of late and now comes in a number of different iterations that all look just as good in the city as they do at the beach. And with stock of it in constant short supply, we suggest snapping up your dream style when you see it. 


(Image credit: @symphonyofsilk)

Lorna styles her Loewe basket bag with a pair of jeans and a trench coat for classic appeal. 


7. The Paseo

The gorgeous Paseo bag first appeared on the SS23 catwalk, so it's one of the newest members of Loewe's bag family. That doesn't make it any less classic, however, and we can guarantee you'll be seeing this silhouette on the most stylish shoulders for many, many years to come. Like Loewe's other bags, she's simple, understated and lets her soft curves and rounded shape do the talking. There's currently versions with a classic leather top handle, a chic chain handle and even a buttery leather satchel—but, Jonathan, how are we possibly supposed to choose?!


(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe)


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