According to Experts, We'll All Be Dyeing Our Hair These 5 Colours This Autumn

If you ask me, autumn and winter are the best months for experimenting with new hair colour trends. There's something about the cooler, crisp air that always gets me in the mood for a fresh start, and I suddenly find myself not only switching up my wardrobe, but changing up my beauty routine too. Not only that, but my hair colour always seems to need the most love and attention as soon as summer comes to an end.

Months of exposing my ends to chlorine, sun and everything in between means that my hair is left looking a little worse for wear, and there's nothing I love more than treating myself to a new cut and colour for the start of September. However, instead of copying whatever hair colours I see online, this year I'm all about choosing a shade that truly works for me, and it seems that I'm not alone.

"Recently, I’ve noticed hair trends have shifted to more subtle, seasonal themes, and now more than ever, clients are looking to make trends work for them and not the other way around," says Larry King, Redken UK ambassador and founder of Larry King salons and brand. "When it comes to hair colour, clients are asking for mood-enhancing, dimensional looks that are custom-blended by our colourists to reflect our clients' personal style and lifestyle… It’s all about finding the balance of what influences you and who you are personally."


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That being said, with so many different shades out there, sometimes it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide what to go for. Luckily, I've spoken to the experts to find out what hair colours they think will be everywhere this autumn. Keep on scrolling for all the new-colour inspiration you need, and remember to speak to your hairdresser to find out how to make each shade work for you.

1. Smoked Copper

We all know that copper hair is pretty on-trend right now, with celebs such as Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski giving it a go, but apparently "smoked copper" is set to be the copper tone this autumn. "The beautiful thing about a deeper copper tone is that minimal colour processing is needed, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants a change without going too light," says Conor James Doyle, Redken advocate and colour educator. "When we lift the hair, we work with the natural warmth that comes through rather than using neutralising toners like we do for blondes. I tend to use a classic balayage technique which involves feathering and diffusing product for a deeper root and lived-in, bronzed copper."

And if you have curly hair, then this might just be the colour trend for you, says Claire Martin-Kennedy, Redken advocate and colour educator. "Smoked copper is one of my favourite looks for curly clients. It creates an amber glow that adds radiance. Imagine a glowing, bronzed, auburn halo of curls," she says. 


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I love how warm this look is for autumn and beyond.


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The experts weren't lying when they said that this colour gives hair an amber glow.

2. UV Blonde

There have been lots of different blonde hair trends floating around lately, but Harriet Muldoon, Redken advocate and senior colourist at Larry King, says that we'll now see blondes moving away from dimensional, creamy tones into brighter, purer looks, known as "UV blonde".

"UV Blonde is a head-turning, dewy platinum colour," says Muldoon. "It reminds me of a soft-grunge '90s look but with a perfectly neutralised, pure tone and glossier finish. This new platinum is less silver and more of a neutral, milky blonde. I use the violet pigments in Redken’s Shades EQ VV Gloss Toners to clean up excess warmth rather than create an ashy or icy colour."


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Lily Allen's new blonde hair is making me want to reach for the bleach ASAP.


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Simply stunning.

3. Copper Blonde

I wasn't lying when I said copper would be big this season. If you prefer a lighter look, then why not go for copper blonde? "This colour is the new strawberry blonde with a twist of peach," explains Muldoon. "This trend is ideal for blondes or lighter bases wanting a little more warmth with a touch of copper. Some blondes can be reluctant to try warmer tones, but it's possible to create a subtle shade with a neutral, gold undertone that fades back into a beautiful, golden blonde afterwards. I like to describe it as a dusty-rose gloss and an easy way to switch up your look whilst still being able to maintain lightness."


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If you have light blonde hair, I love this soft, copper-blonde colour for the colder months.


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For something a little warmer, take a leaf out of Sydney Sweeney's book.

4. Walnut Brown

"Brunettes are having a moment this A/W 23, and rich walnut browns are back," says Jordanna Cobella, Wella's official colour and trend ambassador. Imagine warm, dimensional brunette tones that look similar to that dreamy walnut shade. I personally love this trend for autumn, as it gives me all of the cosy vibes.


(Image credit: @haileybieber)

This glossy finish takes Hailey Bieber's walnut-brown hair to the next level.


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Zendaya's hair has a warm, walnut tone that I bet everyone will be asking for in salons.

5. True Copper

Okay, you get it—there are a lot of different variations of copper hair going on at the moment. But you really can't go wrong with a true copper colour next season. Not only is it bang on trend, but the warm, orange tone just screams autumn to me. There's a copper colour to suit every natural hair colour and skin tone, so make sure to check in with your hairdresser before giving it a go.


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I think this is the most incredible copper colour I have ever seen.


(Image credit: @anthonyholguin)

This stylish shade is also great if you want some serious shine.

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