According to Stylists, These Are the 6 Hair Colours Everyone Will Want This Season

Does anyone else get a sudden urge to change their hair colour whenever a new season rolls around? Although I don't believe in throwing away your whole wardrobe and changing up your entire look for the spring and summer months, there is something to be said about getting a fresh cut and colour to start the season feeling like the very best version of yourself. Not to mention the fact that we all want to make sure our hair is looking good now that the weather is a bit warmer and we're actually leaving the house. I'll be the first to admit that my hair needs some TLC, and my roots are definitely starting to show. However, instead of topping up my usual blonde highlights, I'm in the mood to switch things up and try something new. But with so many options out there, I've found myself constantly going back and forth on what colour to go for, so I've enlisted the help of industry experts to find out what trends we can expect to see everywhere this year.

I reached out to Samantha Cusick, founder of Sta Studios and Samantha Cusick London, and Jordanna Cobella, British Hairdressing Awards London Hairdresser of the Year 2023 (for the second year in a row!) and creative director of Cobella Salon. Both experts shared what they believe will be the biggest hair colour trends of 2024, and I've finally decided which one to try, so if you're also feeling stuck and are looking for a little bit of inspiration, keep on scrolling for your new look.

1. Lived-in Blonde


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First up is possibly one of the most wearable, low-maintenance trends out there. Say hello to "lived-in blonde". "This year, I think we’ll be ditching the platinum blonde vibes of the Barbie film craze in 2023," says Cusick. "2024 will be all about more lived-in shades with darker roots, providing a low-maintenance option for those who want to stretch the time between salon visits."


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This really is an ideal choice for those of you who don't want to be getting your roots done every few weeks, but still want to add lightness and dimension to the hair.

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2. Expensive Brunette


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Want something a little bit darker? The experts recommend "expensive brunette". As Cobella explains, 2024 will have a big focus on quiet-luxury hair, including expensive-looking brunette shades. "This is all about elegant, high-end, luxurious colour," adds Cobella.


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To help achieve this look, you want to opt for a natural-looking shade with a high-shine, glossy finish.

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3. Balayage


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"2024 is the return of the balayage trend", says Cusick. "I predict a wave of clients embracing the effortlessly natural vibe and opting for low-maintenance hair colours."


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Similar to lived-in blonde, balayage is great if you like to take a break between hair appointments, but the difference is that this trend can be adapted to suit any hair colour.

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4. Red and Copper Tones


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"No shock here, but I think those stunning shades of copper and reds that took the internet by storm in 2023 are here to stay in 2024," explains Cusick. "I predict these gorgeous tones will still be trending, bringing that fierce and fiery vibe we all crave for the new year."


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With Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski both giving this trend a go, I have no doubt that lots of other celebrities will follow suit.

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5. Golden Glow


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Cobella is also predicting that the "golden glow" trend will be big this year. "This is a super-soft and subtle glaze that’s only noticeable in the natural light, to mimic that golden-hour glow that emerges from a beautiful pink sky," she says.


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I love how this hair colour catches the light, making it perfect for those spring and summer months we have to look forward to.

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6. Peach Tones


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Although I'm no hair stylist, as a beauty editor, it is my job to keep on top of the latest hair trends, and I'm predicting that we will see peach tones everywhere this year. Why, I hear you ask? Well, if you didn't know, Pantone's Colour of the Year is 'Peach Fuzz', a soft, peachy shade that is perfect for spring and summer.


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This colour has already made its way into the fashion world, so I have no doubt we will be seeing it in the beauty world too.

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This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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