Tokyo Fashion Girls Can't Stop Wearing This Fail-Safe 2-Piece Outfit

When we look overseas for style inspiration, we almost always turn to French women with their effortless je ne sais quois. For something fresher, this time we headed in the other direction, swapping out Paris for Tokyo to discover the latest ensembles ruling the streets. While Harajuku sensibilities continued to reign supreme, we were surprised to find a certain recurring outfit that was remarkably familiar.

One outfit formula Tokyo girls are wearing on repeat is a statement jacket paired with wide-legged pants, proving this two-piece combo is the international fashion girl answer to winter dressing. Popular iterations include dark denim bottoms and over-the-top shearling outwear, but the possibility of color and look-at-me combinations are endless. One thing's for certain, this is a look fashion girls around the world are on board with, but we particularly love how the Japanese are styling it.

See below for some of our favorite stylings.