The Most Photogenic Trends Right Now, According to Street Style Photogs

Not everyone wants to be a street style star, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate the delicate art of street style photography. It takes patience, dedication, and most of all, an eye for what will look good in a picture. That's the precise reason I tapped some of the best photogs in fashion to offer their take on the most camera-ready trends for spring. 

These photographers know how to sniff out the most photogenic trends amid a sea of outfits—in fact, their jobs basically depend on it. And no, you don't need to be anywhere near a fashion show to take advantage of their advice. Heed these tips the next time you have to attend a wedding—where tons of pictures are inevitable—or simply the next time you snap an Instagram. Scroll down to shop the best photogenic spring trends according to top street style photogs. 

1. Coral

"Coral always looks fresh and chic 24/7—no matter if you're on the way to your day job or drinking cocktails with friends at night. Coral always catches my eye without too much effort." — Asaf Liberfroind, The Street Vibe

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2. Animal Print

"This spring, the trend I think photographs the best and makes a playful statement is animal print. It can be done with an accessory, full look, or single item of clothing and will always create a moment that is quite chic." — Jose J. Martinez

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3. Tailored Pieces

"Smart, tailored pieces are versatile and give personality to the looks, which easily translates into great shoots. Classic garments can be introduced in different ways that reflect your fashion vision." — A Lot of Trouble

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