The New Wave of Jumpsuits

If you're on the fence about jumpsuits, let today's post sway your mind and take your online shopping cart from pending to purchase. Though rompers and jumpsuits were once "trendy" pieces you'd probably only wear in causal settings, times have changed. Nowadays, they are worn on the red carpet and on major runways, and most e-com sites even have a preset section for jumpsuits. Proving the piece has earned its spot as a wardrobe staple. 

That said, there are trends within the world of jumpsuits. The latest? This front-tie situation that exposes a peek of skin, giving the classic jumpsuit a fresh update. I like this style for a couple of reasons: It reveals just a tad of skin and feels casual, but it also makes it seem like you've put together an entire look with ease.

Shop the style below! 

Opening Image: Splash News