Why I'm Anti-Pants

Hi, my name is Meghan, and I hate wearing pants. You wouldn't know it by sneaking a peek into my closet, where you'd find racks and racks of jeans, high-waisted trousers, and the like. But the truth of the matter is I only wear pants because I feel socially pressured to do so.

If I had my way, I would never wear pants. I would live out the rest of my days here on Earth in skirts, dresses, rompers, overalls, and sundry other sartorial versions of nonpants. On any given day, if I'm free as a bird to wear whatever I want, chances are you'll catch my legs running amok, free of any fabric-created constrictions.

Why my hatred of pants? It's actually not about how I look in themI feel pretty confident in my appearance when I put on a well-fitting pair of jeans. But as has been fairly well-documented on this very site, around the time I turned 28, my body changed—hello, hips and bum! With my new body shape, I simply don't find the waistband on pants, or the fabric that gathers around that part of my body, very comfortable.

I still wear pants, albeit begrudgingly, because I feel like I have to. All the cool girls are wearing jeans, right?! And even though, technically, skirts and dresses are by and large more appropriate for the office, I still feel like I need to throw in a good pair of pants every now and then. But I don't like it.

To that end, and for all the ladies out there who might be suffering from pants hatred in silence, I hunted down a bunch of stylish skirts, dresses, and rompers that will take you from the office to the party to the after-party in style. Keep scrolling to shop 15 definitively nonpants items now!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Drape Front Pencil Skirt ($258)

Do YOU hate pants, or do you love them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!