The #1 Rule for Pulling Off Sweatpants, From an Actual It Girl



You've probably seen rising It girl Delilah Belle Hamlin (and her equally stylish younger sister, Amelia Gray) popping up on your fashion-girl radar. Forecast by Vogue as the next Gigi and Bella Hadid, the Hamlin sisters certainly follow in the footsteps of their California-girl predecessors—breaking into the modeling industry, regularly making a statement with their off-duty style, and even echoing the Hadids' propensity for elevated athleisure. Delilah Belle in particular shares Gigi's love for—and talent for pulling off—the elevated sweatpant look, a not-so-easy feat.

But Hamlin lives by one steadfast rule when it comes to stepping out in sweatpants in public—and it's her secret to pulling off the tricky look every time—whether she's enjoying a leisurely day off or heading out to dinner with her sister. "I wouldn't wear sweats that looked like they were really my pajamas—because I definitely have those," Hamlin spilled to us when we caught up with her while she hosted the unveiling of the new Sephora at the Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles. "They have to be a little more elevated."

Though she says she's all about comfort when it comes to her personal style, when Hamlin steps out in sweats, she opts for more tailored looks or monochrome sets, like a violet number she recently wore while out with her sister. "I was just wearing that to bed, so I just put heels on," Hamlin recounted. "My mom was like, Why are you wearing sweats out?" Hamlin's game for wearing these elevated sweats ensembles with any kind of shoes. "With sweats I wear heels, I wear Gucci slides, I wear boots—I wear everything with sweats," she admitted. "Sweats are just my life. I basically live in sweats."

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Opening Image: Collage Vintage

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