Here's How We'll Wear the Naked Trend in 6 Months

As varied as all of our workplace cultures may be, chances are there’s one trend that just doesn’t fly in most office settings: the ever-present-on-the-red-carpet naked trend. But allow Dries Van Noten to break a bit with convention and introduce a barely there theme in his Paris Fashion Week show that might just get you noticed by HR… in a positive way.

For S/S 18, Dries layered in practically invisible layers over striped collared button-downs and structured plaid suits. For a less-tailored look, the same delicate pieces—embellished with crystal broaches—mimicked the silhouette of off-the-shoulder tops and were paired with scarf-like tanks.

We'll say this: If any of the (many) naked dresses you've seen thus far have yet to pique your interest, this subtle and minimally skin-baring jewelry-included approach might just be more your speed. 

Scroll down for Dries Van Noten's naked trend 2.0.