Your Complete Guide to the Best Shops for Yoga Pants



At this point, we’ve firmly established that yoga pants are a wardrobe staple—whether or not you’re wearing them to a yoga class. But what are the best places to buy them, and which ones are approved by our esteemed editors? There are a lot of leggings on the market, but we did some digging to find the best ones.

Ahead, we’re bringing you a roundup of the leggings you should try for everything from a workout class to your next airplane travel outfit. From Alo Yoga (beloved by stylish celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin) to fashion girl–approved cult brand Outdoor Voices to new buzzy brands on our radar, consider this your insider’s guide to the best leggings to buy this season. Want to find out which ones made our list?

Keep reading to find out about the best yoga pants right now, and shop our favorite styles.