Fashion People Will Wear These Tops, Jackets and Shoes With Skinny Jeans in 2023

Jeans wearers have been on quite the rollercoaster ride over the past few seasons. At the start of 2022, straight-leg cuts looked set to remain the most popular choice, yet as the year progressed, we saw jeans getting looser and looser on the catwalk and on Instagram (our two most-trusted sources). Now, in 2023, the leading denim trends sit at two ends of the spectrum: super wide or super skinny.

The latter might set off alarm bells if you, like me, associate skinny jeans with the early 2010s. But this form-fitting style is far from passé; since I've tuned into this revived trend, I've noticed it featured in so many cool, current looks. From simple looks with blazers and flats to more evening-appropriate ensembles, the fashion crowd are making me regret donating all my skinnies to a charity shop a couple of years back. 

Ready to open your mind (and wardrobe) to skinny jeans once again? Scroll on to see my favourite skinny jeans outfits below.

1. Bright Blazer + White Tee + Mules


(Image credit: @eniswardrobe)

Style Notes: Spring is all about colour (even if you're usually seen in top-to-toe black). Choose a blazer in a primary colour to pair with your skinny jeans.


2. Striped Jumper + Basket Bag + Flats


(Image credit: @anoukyve)

Style Notes: Using a striped jumper to make an outfit instantly chic almost feels like a cop-out, because it always does the trick. But if it ain't broke...


3. Animal-Print Top + Cat-Eye Sunnies + Heeled Mules


(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

Style Notes: Zebra print is the new leopard print, and pairing it with denim makes it super wearable. Add mules and let the sun hit your toes once we enter summer.


4. Trench Coat + Grey T-Shirt + Chelsea Boots


(Image credit: @smythsisters)

Style Notes: A trench coat is the ultimate springtime layer. Choose a cropped skinny jean to land at a similar point on your half.


5. Relaxed Shirt + Suede Bag + Clogs


(Image credit: @bubblyaquarius)

Style Notes: Easy, breezy shirts are made for casual weekend dressing. Keep the vibe casual with stretchy skinnies and some slip-on clogs.


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