Sequins, Cowboy Boots and Halter Tops—This Is What to Wear to Your Next Concert

Taylor Swift is taking over Edinburgh this weekend, and while I wasn't one of the lucky ones who secured a golden ticket, I have been assembling hypothetical outfits in my head as if I were. Summer is often when the biggest, most exciting concerts and festivals happen—whether you're attending a weekend-long event in a field, or an intimate gig at your favourite local venue, you'll need a killer outfit to show up in style.

What you wear depends on the artist you're seeing, to an extent. There's a whole TikTok hashtag dedicated to Eras Tour outfits—let's just say bejewelled dresses and pink cowboy boots feature heavily—but other concert types call for a moodier, low-key vibe. Whichever route you go down, don't forget to wear comfortable shoes for dancing and keep a layer on hand (especially if the concert is outdoors).

I've plucked five cool outfits from Instagram to get you started building your perfect concert look. Some are better suited to a Coachella-style extravaganza, while others will be your go-to for a nighttime show in a 1000-person theatre. If your upcoming gig sits somewhere in between, the following outfits are bound to spark some ideas...

1. White Shirt + Sequin Skirt + Mules

What to wear to a concert: @karodall wears a white shirt and sequin skirt

(Image credit: @karodall)

Style Notes: The sequin skirt is clearly the focal point of this outfit, so take note from Karo Dall and make use of your existing staples—specifically, a relaxed cotton shirt—to build out the look.

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2. Halter Top + Hoops + Flared Trousers

What to wear to a concert: @alyssainthecity wears a halter-neck top and flares

(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Style Notes: If I was seeing Lana Del Rey this summer (a girl can dream), this is the mood I would be aiming for. Red is a confident colour, and I always want to feel my best after waiting months for a concert.

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3. Bardot Top + Mini Skirt + Western Boots

What to wear to a concert: @amaka.hamelijnck wears a bardot top, mini skirt and western boots

(Image credit: @amaka.hamelijnck)

Style Notes: Headed somewhere sunny for a weekend of live music? Keep it lightweight and breezy with a simple top and white cotton skirt. Bonus points for the cowboy boots and belt bag.

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4. Biker Jacket + Wide Jeans + Leopard Boots

What to wear to a concert: @raennlangas

(Image credit: @raennlangas)

Style Notes: Let's face it, if you're attending an outdoor concert in the UK, there's a good chance it'll be overcast with a nip in the air. Opt for boots over sandals and carry a biker jacket to toss on when the chill hits.

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5. Beaded Top + Cargo Pants + Trainers

What to wear to a concert: @aimeesong

(Image credit: @aimeesong)

Style Notes: Torn between glam and laid-back aesthetics? You don't have to decide. Assemble a high-low look like Aimee's: party on the top, practical on the bottom.

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