The Trend Sofia Richie Has Worn to Every Fashion Week Event Is a 2023 Vibe


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New celebrity fashion It girl Sofia Richie Grainge is booked and busy, and for the past few weeks, those bookings have meant seats on the front row of some of the biggest S/S 24 fashion shows. And naturally, we need to discuss what she's been wearing for these very high-profile occasions.


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If you take one look at Richie Grainge's fashion month outfits for both New York and Milan, you'll instantly recognise what her favourite autumn trend is, and that trend is red. Specifically, it's red accents. For her fashion month days thus far, she has opted to wear mostly neutral-coloured pieces combined with pops of red, whether via shoes, a turtleneck, a printed skirt, or a bag.


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It's become clear as of late that the most "fashion person" way to wear the red trend is sparingly. (Although, I'm betting you'll see many takes on the trend throughout the season.) One thing that's becoming increasingly clear—and has now been confirmed by Richie Grainge—is that the red trend is poised to be everywhere


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Accordingly, scroll to the various ways you can red accents for your own wardrobe.


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