The 5 Best Shoes to Wear With Puddle Pants, According to Celebs

It's true: There are a lot of trends out there, but the ones that are worth investing in normally infiltrate style icons across the board. And with puddle pants popping up on everyone from Zoë Kravitz to Kate Middleton, it's clear that this trend is a real winner.

The puddle-pant trend revolves around long trousers or jeans that puddle around the floor or ankles. (At 5'2", I have embraced this trend for many years purely by chance.) This draped design elongates the silhouette and has a natural ease that can be styled for all kinds of events from royal appearances to city strolls. But a look isn't just about one item, so if you're wondering which shoes to pair with this pooling hem style, then you've come to the right place.


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When approaching my research, I figured that consulting a mixture of celebrities and influencers would be my best bet to see how the fashion set is styling the puddle-pant trend, and I'm pleased to reveal that there are five shoe styles that keep cropping up.

For relaxed ensembles, white trainers are the consensus, especially with black puddle pants. A peak-a-boo moment with a pointed toe heel will elevate these trousers for a sleeker look. Plus, if you're lucky enough to own the Gucci logo heels that are all over Instagram right now, then there's no better way to show off the sparkling monogram. Abi Marvel's puddle-jeans look is all the proof you'll need. While the sun is still making its daily appearance, sandals are the first port of call for easy styling, and leather slides are a classic style that will forever be en vogue. As we move into autumn, this trouser style can be worn with chunky boots, which are a comfortable option for stomping around in. Finally, I plan to style mine with loafers for work to take on a minimalistic, preppy vibe.

Keep scrolling for the five best shoes to wear with puddle pants.



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Jennifer Lopez styled paper-bag waist puddle-pants with white trainers for a stylish look on the go. 


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Zoe Kravitz pairs her puddle pants with chunky boots for a slick trans-seasonal look


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Puddling is for all occasions. Pair tailored puddle pants with pointed-toe heels to re-create Hailey Bieber's look.


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Bella Hadid proves just how good this puddle style looks with loafers. 


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Puddle jeans and sliders courtesy of Jennifer Lawrence. 


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