I'm Really Fussy About Dresses—These 31 Pass My Taste Test

I love shopping for dresses. In part, it’s because they’re the easiest thing to wear and style up (especially when you’re looking to get ready quickly without compromising on style), but it’s also because it doesn’t matter where you are or if it’s during the busiest sale period when shops are bursting at the seams with last season’s dregs—without fail, you will always find a new dress to add to your collection. At this time of year, my agenda varies quite dramatically from business meetings to park dates with my 3-year-old all within the space of a few hours. I find a dress is always the easiest option no matter the schedule. I can throw on some earrings and heels for work then switch them out for more practical footwear.

The downside to dress shopping is there are so many styles to choose from. Knowing which pieces are worth your time and which key trends to buy into can feel overwhelming, but is also means there’s something for everyone to love—and if you need a hand, that’s where I come in. I’ve put together my top 31 dresses from the August drops to wear now and beyond. Scroll down below to take a look.

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Freelancer Fashion Editor

Lily Russo-Bah is a London-based freelance fashion editor and the founder of beachwear shopping destination Beachflamingo.com. A fashion expert who started her career at Grazia magazine in 2008, where she worked across both digital and print as fashion editor, compiling shopping pages and styling main fashion, and in 2014 was awarded Gold as one of the top five journalists in MHP’s Journalists to Watch. She is known for her expert eye, compiling killer edits and her obsession with anything pink. She is a self-confessed swimwear obsessive with so many bikinis she doesn’t have the time to count them. From runway trends to the high-street hits you need to add to cart right now, one of her favourite pastimes is spotting the next cult buy and under-the-radar designers. When she isn’t scouring the shops for the next must-have trends, she can be found dancing Brazilian samba and booking her next sunshine getaway.