It's Official: This Low-Maintenance Haircut Is Set to Be Huge in 2023

We recently shared our expert-approved edit of the top trending hairstyles for 2023, and while there was true variety in the mix of styles we're seeing take off this year, there was one common theme that united them all—they're all incredibly low maintenance. This year, effort is out and ease is in. Think, short lengths that are easy to style, don't require an excessive amount of products or heat tools, and cuts that suit pretty much every hair type and face shape. We're also seeing a lot of nostalgia-influenced styles come through—from '90s layers to '80s mullets, so it should come as no surprise that the '70s shag is also making a comeback.


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Fuss-free, easy to manage, and incredibly versatile, the shag is the ultimate undone statement haircut. It’s choppy, full of texture, and makes for a refreshing change to long layers or one-length hair. On a daily basis, you don’t need to do much to a well-cut shag style, as the shape is already cut into it. You may need to add texture if your hair is naturally straight, but if you have curly or wavy hair, it's practically effortless to make this style work.

What's more, this style doesn't have to sit at a certain length. The feathered texture is its most defining element, and this works for all lengths and hair types. The key to pulling off this retro style in 2023? Keep things textured and carefree but opt for a softer cut with fewer layers. This looks more modern, and is a great way to test out the shag if you're not convinced it will suit you—you can always get more layers cut in at a later date.

Feeling tempted? Keep scrolling for our roundup of the very best shag hairstyles out there.

The Best Shag Hairstyles:


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Proof that curly hair and a shag haircut is a match made in heaven.


(Image credit: @MILEYCYRUS)

Miley's bright blonde shag was one of the most sought-after styles of the past decade, and we're still not over it. 


(Image credit: @ISABEL_HENDRIX)

If your hair is naturally straight and fine, don't worry. The shag is more about texture than volume, and if your layers are well cut, all you need is a little styling cream or texturising spray to enhance them.


(Image credit: @THATCURLYTOP)

Weightless and shoulder-skimming, this is the perfect shag cut for summer. If you're trying out this trend for the first time, keep layers (and your fringe) long.


(Image credit: @SUKIWATERHOUSE)

Suki's blown-out shag proves just how versatile the style really is. It looks every bit as chic with a sleek, glamourous vibe as it does when tousled and messy.


(Image credit: @SELENAGOMEZ)

If you ask us, Selena is queen of the modern day shag. Sure, she might be better known for her slicked back buns and glamour waves, but we think her tousled lengths and choppy fringe look incredible.


(Image credit: @AIKI_KR)

Aiki's sculpted micro-shag epitomises the laid-back, cool-girl way that a younger generation has come to interpret this classic style.



Whether long or short, Helena's been rocking the same shag-style cut for years, and her signature look is just as chic now as it was 10 years ago. 


(Image credit: @ALYSSAINTHECITY)

The shag, but make it mini. She's had her fair share of iconic hairstyles over the years, but Alyssa's shag style is, by far, our favourite.


(Image credit: @JULIESFI)

If you like the versatility of a style that can be thrown up into a ponytail, ask for your layers to be kept longer and opt for a fuller fringe. 


(Image credit: @INTHING_)

While the iconic '70s shag that first springs to mind is typically longer, this super-choppy, undone pixie cut has all of the low-maintenance shag vibes you need if you want to experiment with this trend but prefer shorter styles.


(Image credit: @SABINASOCOL)

If your hair is long and straight, taking the leap into a more layered style may seem scary. Ask for long layers, avoid too much texture around the face, and use heat tools to add movement in the ends for serious French-girl vibes.


(Image credit: @LOULOUDESAISON)

This long, layered look is all of the proof you need that a grown-out shag style looks just as chic as it does when it is first cut in.


(Image credit: @GABIFRESH)

This is exactly the sort of cool, modern way we're seeing the shag being worn in 2023.


(Image credit: @CAITLINMIYAKO)

The best bit about a shag cut is that it if you have way hair, it requires minimal styling. Think surfer vibes—keeping things minimal and messy works every time. 


(Image credit: @AYSHA.SOW)

Long, voluminous curls look seriously good when cut into a layered shag. Opting for a centre-parted fringe creates a softer, more romantic look that nods at the '70s origins of this style.


(Image credit: @TROPROUGE)

The short layers, the wispy curls, the flyaways over the face… We couldn't be more obsessed with this soft, bouncy look if we tried. 


(Image credit: @COUTUREKULTEN)

We're getting serious '70s vibes from this blonde shag, and after another rewatch of Daisy Jones and the Six, we're not mad about it. The bouffant, flicked-out fringe is major hair goals.


(Image credit: @CIARACHERISE)

Teaming a textured shag with a brow-grazing, full fringe is a fun and modern way to wear this style.


(Image credit: @JEANETTEMADSEN)

Got long, thick hair? A shag is actually a great way to create some shape and take some weight out of your hair—perfect for summer.

The Best Styling Products for Shag Hairstyles:

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