These Classy Haircuts Look So Good With a Fringe That I’m Tempted to Cut Mine Back In

It’s official: the fringe is back for 2024 with curtain bangs and wispy fringes proving some of the most popular hair trends of the year so far. So as someone that is currently in the awkward in-between stage of growing out a full fringe, the temptation to reach for the kitchen scissors and immediately chop one back in is feeling very real. And the look that is really enticing me right now is a fringe paired with a layered haircut—the ultimate dream team.

The best thing about the versatility of a layered fringe haircut is that there are so many different ways to wear this style. “There are a plethora of different types of layered cuts to suit every hair texture and face shape,” explains hair stylist Abigail Constanza. “From layered crops like Princess Diana to edgy ‘70s shags or softer, long layered styles, you can work with your stylist to find something that suits your style and your lifestyle to get the most out of this cut.”

fringe layered haircut ideas

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Of course, fringes do have a bit of a reputation for being high-maintenance, but Constanza points out that this makes them the perfect partner for a more low-maintenance lowered cut. “While you will probably have to do something with a fringe every morning in terms of styling, finding a layered haircut that works with your hair texture means the lengths won’t need a ton of styling,” Constanza explains. And as for the style of fringe that works best? “As layering removes weight from the ends of the hair, fringes that work well tend to be ones with a softer parameter like peekaboo or feathery fringes.”

Ahead, 9 of the best fringe layered haircut ideas to inspire your next trip to the salon—and the products that will keep them looking effortlessly chic at home.

1. Hush Cut with Wispy Fringe

Fringe Layered Haircuts: Hush Cut with Fringe

(Image credit: @emilychengmakeup)

The soft feathered layers of Hoyeon's hush cut pair perfectly with soft wispy bangs and make for an effortlessly cool take on a layered hairstyle and fringe combination.

2. Centre-Parted Fringe

Fringe Layered Hairstyles: Curtain Bangs

(Image credit: @peterluxhair)

Curtain bangs are one of the biggest fringe trends of the year and look good on all hair lengths and frame Daisy Edgar-Jones's longer style perfectly.

3. Butterfly Bangs

Fringe Layered Haircut Butterfly Bangs

(Image credit: @billiepiper)

Combining volume, texture and tumbling layers, the butterfly haircut was one of the most viral haircuts of the last year. Adding a chunky brow-skimming fringe like Billie Piper is a great way to update the trending cut for 2024.

4. Pixie Cut with Fringe

Fringe Layered Haircut Ideas: Pixie Cut with Fringe

(Image credit: @jourdandunn)

Jourdan Dunn's choppy pixie cut and feathered fringe are serving major short hair layer inspiration. Seriously, how chic?

5. Curly Crop

Fringe Layered Haircut Ideas: Curly Crop

(Image credit: @hungvanngo)

Taking inspiration from the '70s-inspired shag hairstyle, this cropped, curly hairstyle lends bounce and definition to Charisse Mone's natural texture while the wispy fringe adds a pretty softness.

6. Full, Feathered Fringe

Fringe Layered Haircut Ideas: Full Feathered Fringe

(Image credit: @jennifer_yepez)

Suki Waterhouse's full but softly feathered fringe has me itching to chop a fringe back in immediately. Teamed with her long, tousled strands it's hair heaven.

7. Sideswept Volume

Fringe Layered Haircut Ideas: Sideswept Volume

(Image credit: @hungvanngo)

It's official: the side-parting is back. Much in part down to the resurgence of '90s-inspired hairstyles for summer, and Emily Ratajkowski's big, blow-dried, sideswept layers and volumised fringe channels that '90s supermodel energy.

8. Micro Fringe Mullet

Fringe Layered Haircut Ideas: Micro Fringe Mullet

(Image credit: @jennychohair)

If you're feeling bold then a mullet is an undeniably cool way to experiment with layers. Greta Lee goes one step further with hers and adds in a choppy micro fringe for a refreshing take on a shorter layered hairstyle.

9. Blunt Bangs

Fringe Layered Haircut Ideas: Blunt Bangs

(Image credit: @peterluxhair)

The juxtaposition of Aziya's full, blunt bangs paired with beachy layers is so striking and a really impactful way to wear this hairstyle.

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