Breaking: The Instagram-Famous Zara Coat Is Now in the Sale

If you know anything about us, it's that we love a good find at Zara just as much as the next girl. Those trend-driven items at reasonable prices are just too good to miss out on. While there are key items that always become super popular immediately, there's one piece that has even got its own dedicated Instagram account.

Thanks to the folks over at She Finds, we've just been introduced to the "That Coat" Instagram account, created by blogger Alice Frances to document all the times she saw a particular blue printed Zara coat out in the world.

Get this—the account has almost 200 posts and over 2000 followers! We can see why the piece is so popular. This particular find has such a classic cut that you can wear it all the time, but the fun print keeps it feeling exciting. Thankfully, the piece isn't sold out yet. It's become so popular that the coat is rejigged each season by the high-street shop and it's currently on sale.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the best snaps of the coat in action, and shop the piece right now.

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