The 7 Wardrobe Basics We're Updating This Season

We believe that, when it comes to basics, there's no such thing as 'outdated'. Whether it's a white tee, perfect pair of jeans or tailored blazer, they are the foundation of our wardrobes, and when bought correctly, should stand the test of time. However, it is inevitable that, every now and then, certain pieces will need replacing, and it can be surprisingly hard to find new versions of old faithfuls. That's where we come in.

We've been having a think about the 'new basics' that have caught our eye this season. To the undiscerning eye they don't differ wildly to the originals, but whether it's the shape of a hemline or sleeve-length, there are certain motifs that are cropping up again and again. Of course, we're not saying you should be throwing out your classic cuts, but if you happen to be looking for pieces to replace worn-out faves, then we've put together a list of the new styles to keep an eye out for. Scroll down to see and shop our picks.

Still Great: Three-quarter-sleeve T-shirts

Even Better: White tank tops

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Shop our white tank picks:

Still Great: Cropped flares

Even Better: Baggy and straight-leg jeans

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Shop our baggy jean pick:

Shop our straight-leg pick:

Still Great: Round-toe pumps

Even Better: Square- or pointed-toe kitten heels

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Shop our kitten heel picks:

Still Great: Crossbody bags

Even Better: Shoulder bags

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Shop our shoulder bag picks:

Still Great: T-shirt dresses

Even Better: Slip dresses

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Shop our slip dress picks:

Still Great: Super-short cutoffs

Even Better: Bermuda shorts

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Shop our Bermuda short picks:

Still Great: Aviators

Even Better: Cat-eye sunglasses

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Shop our cat eye sunglasses

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Allyson Payer
Senior Editor

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