The One Bag French Girls Will Never Buy

We often discuss French-girl style: Simple wardrobe basics and mussed-up hair are at the centre of that Parisian effortlessness. But how does it translate to handbags—one of the essential wardrobe accessories?

We tapped four French girls to weigh in on the bags we would never find in their closets and the ones they wear on repeat. It turns out that according to them French girls aren't fans of oversized bags. When it comes to size, mini bags win out over larger styles. Those oversized shopper bags send the wrong message—French girls like to appear low-maintenance. On top of that, we also learned a few key rules. Stick to classic colours like navy or ones that can be found in nature, such as terra-cotta and rust. Hues that are too bright are a no-no. The main message is to keep it simple. Anything that looks overdone, with too many embellishments also doesn't make the cut.

Don't Wear Anything Too Fussy


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"To be honest, I would never get caught wearing something super fussy with lots of embellishment and crystals or a fuzzy face or something. Yes, Dolce, I may or may not be looking at you. Whereas a simple tote in a gorgeous rich hue (navy, terra-cotta, rust) will always be a handy piece to complete any getup. I love Loewe Hammocks which are a twist on the classic shape." — Camille Charrière, blogger, Camille Over the Rainbow

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Always Carry Your Basket Bags Almost Empty

"I don't like huge and/or 'manly' bags. I think the sexier thing you can do, when it comes to bags, is showing that you don't need to carry your whole house (or bathroom…) with you to be ready at all times. That's why I'm a huge fan of mini bags. There's the basket exception of course, even though they're big, they give this relaxed, laid-back sort of attitude. Insider tip: My baskets are almost always empty, and I actually just carry my mini bag with my things in them!" — Sabina Socol, social editor, L'Officiel Paris

Avoid Big Bags


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"I don't like big bags. The only big bags I wear are my baskets to go to the beach or to the market. I am not a huge fan of It bags anymore. I prefer vintage ones for example. Obviously, as you can imagine, you will always see small bags in my closet. I love vintage ones with beautiful leather. This is my dream bag!" —Anne-Laure Mais, blogger, Adenorah 

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Go for Crossbody Bags Over Backpacks


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"Backpacks are everywhere at the moment but not in my closet. I guess for me it will stay a practical bag not an accessory I will buy to elevate my outfits. I love small and medium bags with classic shapes and colors that I can wear as a crossbody, a shoulder bag, or a purse. My Tiny Box by Little Liffner is the perfect example—it's timeless and versatile." — Sarah Nait, blogger, Sarah Nait

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