The Simple 14-Piece Wardrobe All French Women Will Wear This Season


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I'm usually one for flashy outfits and a go-go-go mentality, but I’ve decided to take it easy this year. And for me, that means taking a break from my endless supply of statement pieces and starting the year with a capsule wardrobe that will help me resolve my extremely overstuffed closet space. Now, who might be the perfect group to look to for capsule wardrobe inspiration? The answer is, of course, French women. 

No one serves effortless style inspiration better. I decided to spend a few hours scrolling through my favourite Parisian and French women’s Instagram feeds to find out what items I should include in my capsule closet, with autumn in mind. The answers just might surprise you. Below, find the 14 things I’m convinced I need to complete that capsule wardrobe of mine.

1. Tailored Wool Coat


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A forever favorite for the Parisian, a tailored wool coat is an item you simply can't skip. Bonus points if you buy it in navy.


2. Shearling Jacket


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Parisians follow trends too, especially when they're as cozy as shearling. Layer up in this transitional outerwear piece.


4. Denim Maxi Skirt


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Speaking of maxi skirts, if you're into this trend, you have to try it the denim iteration. It's such a polished upgrade to blue jeans.


5. White Button-Down Shirt


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Another item that's a shoo-in for a capsule wardrobe is a white button-down. If anyone knows how to style them, it's French women.


6. Baseball Cap


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When French women do casual dressing, they do it right. I've seen so many of them giving more elevated pieces a downtime spin with baseball caps lately. 


7. Retro Sneakers


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There was a time when French people laughed at those who travelled to France wearing sneakers, but now they're just like us, but the French prefer styles that are retro and polished.


8. Knit Vests


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French people have not moved on from knit vests, and neither have I. Now that autumn has arrived, it is the perfect piece to layer with.


10. Cardigan


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This entire outfit is giving the vibe that I'm after this year. Layered, simple, and chic. A cardigan is a must in your capsule wardrobe.


11. Slip Dress


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From the office to dinner, French women always can rely on a slip dress. This is the purchase that you'll make that will just keep on giving.


12. Leather Jacket


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Parisians and New Yorkers have one thing in common—we love a leather jacket. That won't be changing any time so join us in the hype.


13. Ribbed Halter Tank


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Bonus points if you layer a crew-neck sweater over it and let the halter pop out a little bit, similar to the Bottega Veneta runway styling.


14. Wide-Leg Pants


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The power of a good pair of wide-leg pants is unmatched. No matter what you wear on top, you'll still look chic (yes, even if you pair them with a sweatshirt).


16. Blazers


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How could you scroll this far without me mentioning a blazer? My bad. You can't give French-girl vibes without having at least three of them in your wardrobe.


17. Gold-Hardware Loafers


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Nothing feels more luxe to me than a pair of loafers with gold detailing. If you are wearing gold jewellery, it pulls the look together from head to toe.


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