The Uncomplicated Sandals Every Chic Person I Know Is Shopping for Summer

These days, controversial trends are a dime a dozen. We see them so often that we don't even blink an eye anymore at items that were once eye-widening (ahem, sheer skirts, capri pants, jorts, to name a few), and the same is true for the latest shoe trend that's emerging: flip-flops. The previously "boring," even downright unstylish sandals, are undergoing a major renaissance this season, and they're poised to become one of the most-worn styles by the summer's end.

a photo of a woman wearing a white dress outfit with black flip-flops and raffia bag

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Make no mistake, though. These are far from the rubber thong sandals you might be thinking of. Instead, the current fashionable pairs feature luxe materials like leather, suede, satin, and velvet and come in sleek, logo-less silhouettes. They also largely feature more substantial shapes so they're not as flimsy as those rubber pairs you wore to the beach as a kid. The style set is also wearing them in inventive new ways, styling them alongside chic outfits where flip-flops would normally seem out of place, like with A-line dresses, tailored trousers, and billowy maxi skirts. This kind of styling has the effect of making the humble thongs a cool, of-the-moment pick—it's precisely because they don't quite "work" that they actually do work, if you know what I mean.

Influencer wears flip-flops with denim shorts.

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The standout pairs defining this new flip-flop wave include The Row's leather-finished City Sandals, Chanel's velvet and shimmery pairs, and Toteme's croc-embossed version. Once boring, now ultra elevated, simple thong sandals unquestionably are having a moment, and we've sourced the best buys on the market. Just ahead, peruse all the elevated pairs on offer and get inspiration for how to style them.

See the Flip Flops That Fashion People Are Loving Right Now:

1. The Row City

The Row spring 2023 runway

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Style Notes: You may know The Row's platformed Ginza sandals as the reigning It thongs of the past several years, but designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen debuted a new flip-flop silhouette that's even simpler and sleeker. The City sandals, as seen in the S/S 23 collection, feature a thinner but still substantial sole that, as the name suggests, is ideal for city life.

Shop The Row City Sandals:

2. Chanel Thongs

a Chanel model walks the spring 2024 runway wearing flip-flops

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@clairerose chanel flip flops

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Style Notes: Even Chanel put its spin on the humble flip-flop this season, which has only further cemented the sandals as high fashion. Unsurprisingly, the two velvet and shimmer iterations have already skyrocketed to the tippy top of insider wish lists.

Shop the Chanel Thongs:

3. Toteme Flip-Flop Flats

Claire Rose wears Toteme thong sandals

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Style Notes: Another standout pair comes with Toteme's glossy croc embossing. The luxe finish does wonders to elevate the sandals here, and it proves that with this style, it's all in the details: a square toe, nutty-brown hue, and croc print all work in tandem to create one of the fanciest flip-flops on the market. They're so elevated you just might find yourself keeping them on for the post-sunset hour.

Shop the Toteme Flip-Flop Flats:

Shop More Elevated Thong Sandals:

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