I'm Obsessed With Double Denim—Here's How I'm Wearing It This Year

As someone who has always chosen heeled boots over sneakers and crew-neck knits over hoodies, double denim hasn't historically been part of my wardrobe repertoire. Like all good millennials, I dabbled with the pairing back in my teenage years, but that is firmly where it has remained—a relic of bad fashion choices past.

But something has shifted over the last year: I've found myself double-tapping a growing number of double-denim outfits on Instagram. I've been drawn in by their Parisian-inspired nonchalance and low-maintenance appeal. Yet, these are not the skintight ensembles of yore, but an altogether a more grown-up and polished breed. Less Justin and Britney circa 2001, more off-duty It girl.

I have consequently spent the last week or two in a bookmarking frenzy—determined to find a "me" way of wearing this trend. Thankfully, there is more than enough to kickstart my mental scrapbook, and I have ended up with an edit of outfits I can turn to for a more polished spin on the classic Canadian tuxedo. From tailored outwear to slick accessories, here are seven ways to wear double denim and still look like a grown-up. Together, we can make double denim great again.

1. Tuck-in a Colour-Match Shirt


(Image credit: @lollilewis)

Style Notes: Create a tonal effect by pairing a colour-match denim shirt with your jeans. Make like Lolli and add 2021's much-coveted wide leg silhouette.

2. Try a Denim Skirt


(Image credit: @jen_wonders)

Style Notes: A midi skirt is another great option for creating the double-denim look. I love how Jen wears a denim skirt with a dramatic slit up the front and platform boots to add extra drama. 

3. Experiment with a Waistcoat


(Image credit: @kellouhar)

Style Notes: This is not a look for the denim-ambivalent. This season's waistcoat trend offers an easy way to rock the double-denim look, as seen on Kelly Harrington. 

4. Embrace White or Cream Denim


(Image credit: @chrissyford)

Style Notes: It's official—white denim is no longer the reserve of summer holidays. Perfect for spring Sunday strolls, I'm taking my tonal cues from Chrissy Rutherford with her white-on-white pairing.

5. Experiment With a Dramatic Silhouette


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Style Notes: Double denim needn't only apply to traditional button-up denim jackets. I like how Emili Sindlev has opted for an oversized trench coat to create a Scandi twist on the '90s classic.

6. Add Smart Accessories


(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

Style Notes: Sylvie Mus is a huge fan of denim, and we're always looking to her for stylish ways to wear the wardrobe staple. In this outfit, she adds grown-up glamour to the Canadian tuxedo with an elegant structured bag and heeled boots.

7. Embraced Oversized


(Image credit: @alexisforeman)

Style Notes: It might sound strange, but picking denim separates in roomier silhouettes (see Alexis Foreman's example above) will make sure your outfit avoids any noughties undertones. Just make sure you style with heels and a fitted base layer.

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