6 Ankle-Boot Trends My Stylish Friends Will Wear in 2019

Remember when ankle boots were just plain-old things you’d throw on at the last minute? They were probably black, definitely basic and, as a result, relatively unexciting to buy or wear. They used to be a reliable old pal, but not the fun new BFF you’re just itching to have a wild night out with. Times have changed: Ankle boots have joined the big leagues, becoming just as desirable, varied and outfit-transforming as their other shoe siblings.

Designers are now toeing the line for practical ankle boots that also pack a fashion punch, and as such, there are so many more trends popping up than before when bikers were the zenith of creativity in this footwear department. The past few years have seen sock boots rise to the fore, cutout boots become the norm and kitten heels make a comeback, but there’s so much more in store for 2019.


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Along with our knowledge of the spring/summer 2019 shows, we’ve also been sifting through social media and our own shopping lists to uncover what’s going to be next for you ankle boot–adoring people.

So do cowboy boots have staying power? Is there a particular colour that can catapult old clothes into the new? Will we all still be able to indulge in a wide array of low heels and flat styles and keep our feet happy? Good ankle boot–based news below…



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Curvy “French” heels may not be new to you, but until recently, they were a more expensive, designer ankle-boot trend to buy into. We’re seeing a shift happening in more affordable corners of the fashion world, which means this niche heel trend is about to go boom.



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This year saw cowboy boots take a turn for the better. Gone are the really pointed-toed, tall, embroidered styles of the noughties and in are shorter, sharper versions with square toes and rendered in other colours and finishes such as black mock-croc or simple black leather.

We’ve seen steel-toed caps come back thanks to Calvin Klein along with elastic side panels for a more snug fit. The trend is very much set to continue this spring, with all things Western being adopted by the fashion crowd—from fringed shirts to prairie dresses.



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It can be the smallest of details that take a simple pair of ankle boots from classic to current. Right now, that attention lies in—dare I say it—funky zip pulls. Think weirdly shaped, statement zip pulls that will catch the eye of a fellow fashion enthusiast and probably start a conversation.

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As a subtle continuation of a longstanding white-shoe trend and sprouting from this summer’s all-beige everything, you’ll start to a rise in cream-coloured ankle boots. A little more grown-up than their flashy, bright-white counterparts, I guarantee you’ll find they go with everything. Just don’t be too precious about keeping them clean…



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Perhaps it the rise in vegan fashion or the desire for something a little different, but there will be an increase in ankle boots made from woven fabrics like satin throughout 2019. They may not be the most practical for British weather, but, boy, are they pretty.



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Still not convinced? For two winters in a row, hiking boots have been making a bid for your wardrobe. With more and more options on offer (and sellout ones from Ganni and Grenson being worn by bloggers and celebrities), even the most ardent hiking-boot hater is probably starting to come around to the idea. There’s something about a pair of chunky flat boots that make every outfit look 10 times cooler.

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