Honestly, These Jeans Trends Feel a Little Dated—6 That Are So Much Fresher

They're considered a cornerstone of every great wardrobe and, let's face it, many a great outfit. The item I'm talking about is, of course, jeans. I dare not think what I would dress like every day without jeans—who knows; perhaps I'd be a little more adventurous with my wares. Still, I would much rather live a life with jeans than without; the more, the better! If you share this mentality, join me as I take a closer look at the jeans trends that are in (and the ones that are wearing thin) for 2023.


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One of the best things about being part of a close-knit team is our lengthy discussions that encapsulate everything, from the restaurants in town that have gone downhill all the way to the big, important stuff. Our subject of choice, however? What's in and what's out. Our opinions will always vary, but I love hearing colleagues' take on the trends, the ones they love and the ones they're over. So, I thought it would be interesting to see which jeans styles they think feel, for lack of a better word, dated this year, balanced out with the jeans trends they think feel fresh for the season ahead. Don't be offended if your favourite pair falls into the former category—these are personal preferences and should be taken with a pinch of salt. I, for example, feel personally victimised by my colleague who has called out ankle-length jeans. Read on, and see who you agree with. 

Passing: Super Skinny

Wearing: Wide-Leg


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"I was so glad to see wide-leg jeans make their mark on the fashion industry last season, and you better believe I'm not going to give them up any time soon either. For me, skinnies are a thing of the past (more power to you if you're into them); I'm living that loose-fit life from here on out."—Joy Ejaria, social media editor

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Passing: Low-Slung

Wearing: High-Waist


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"While it's debatable on whether they're dated or not, one jeans trend I simply cannot and will not advocate for is the low-rise jeans trend. More often than not they look messy—at least that's the case on me—and I really don't think anyone needs to frame their abdomen with denim. High-rise jeans that create an elevated silhouette? I'm here for that."—Remy Farrell, shopping editor

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Passing: Black Washes

Wearing: Logo-Adorned


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"The funny thing is, I can't put my finger on why black jeans feel out-of-date to me, especially when the gothic influence is as strong as it currently is. If there's one thing I noticed at fashion week, it was the array of blue denim. Mid-wash, navy, bleached, but there there wasn't a black jean in sight. The trend I think feels entirely new and fresh for 2023? Logo-adornment. Specifically Loewe's embroidered pair."—Rebecca Rhys-Evans, branded content editor

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Passing: Ankle Grazers

Wearing: Long Legs


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"Although I wouldn't write off ankle-length jeans completely—they can look chic if worn by the right person in the right way. I just don't seem to be that person. Instead, I'm into 'puddle' jeans; the sort that drag along the floor and make you look like you have legs for days. Yeah, those."—Sophie Cookson, insights manager 

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Passing: Bleach

Wearing: Dark Blue


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"I've never been one for super-light denim, but now it seems like the rest of the fashion industry agrees. Well, at the very least, its closing the cap between blue hues by offering up more mid- to dark-blue jeans than ever. Backed by Kendall Jenner and Katie Holmes, I have a feeling this is going to be the jeans trend of the season."—Maxine Eggenberger, deputy editor

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Passing: Frayed Edges

Wearing: Clean Seams


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"I'm definitely one of those people who wore those extreme frayed-hem jeans back in 2014. Now, though, I like to keep the seams on my jeans clean and properly sewn as they can help to make the rest of your outfit look more pulled together."—Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief 

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