The 4 Zara Items Everyone Will Want to Buy This Month

As you likely know, every year there are certain Zara items that become extremely popular. In fact, some pieces even earn dedicated Instagram accounts and rack up waiting lists.

So what is destined to be 2018's equivalent to the popular Zara kimono? The "Trending Now" section of the retailer's website is always a good indication of what's selling that month, and the trends ahead are clear front-runners for the new season (and are much more than passing fads). Here we break down the trends that Zara is really into this year—from snakeskin print to the leading colour for autumn/winter. Keep scrolling to see (and shop) the best Zara items we've seen so far from the latest collection.

1. Snake Print


(Image credit: Tamu McPherson)

Snakeskin is shedding its tacky reputation, and Zara has a lot to do with it thanks to its printed shoes, trousers, shirts and dresses. It actually looks best when worn all at once (see Tamu's outfit). 

2. Brown


(Image credit: Devil Wears Zara)

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The one colour dominating Zara right now is a dark chocolate brown—this colour comes in everything from blazers to slip dresses and brown crop tops that'll see you through party season, and beyond.

3. Statement Dresses


(Image credit: vannillio)

We're not wishing autumn away, but there's so many amazing winter dresses dropping online. This patchwork dress has seen a lot of love on Instagram already, we predict it's going to be one of the next It items. Team with trainers and a bead bag, or wear with a blazer and knee high boots. 

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4. Strappy Stilettos


(Image credit: Style Memos)

Zara's shoe department at present feels like an homage to Carrie Bradshaw's iconic stiletto collection. Who What Wear UK's editor Isabel has been wearing her gold pair (that have sold out online, but still in store) ever since she bought them.

Next up, here's everything you need to know about spring/summer 19 trends, and then some. 

This piece was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

Emma Spedding