The Most Flattering Skirts for Every Height

While we agree that fashion should be about expressing yourself and wearing whatever makes you feel good, when you’re trying to decide what to wear, buy, borrow, or invest in, it helps to know what works best with your body. So today we’ve narrowed down the most flattering skirt styles for your height. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your skirt selection. But if you’re stuck trying to decide between a few silhouettes, you might want to keep this guide in mind.

Scroll through for a rundown of skirt styles by height and, of course, to shop our picks! 



A-Line Miniskirt
(Image credit: Urban Spotter)

As far as miniskirts go, an on-trend A-line version is the perfect choice for petite girls. The reason? Its high-waisted cut helps elongate your frame, while the slight flare slenderizes legs.

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Envelope Skirt
(Image credit: Shot by Gio)

At any hemline, an envelope skirt will lengthen your legs thanks to the style’s diagonal lines.

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Skirt With Slits
(Image credit: Gastro Chic)

A skirt with slits is the perfect choice for a petite girl who wants to wear a longer skirt style. The slit will let you show some skin, so that you don’t appear drowned in fabric.

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Midi Pencil Skirt
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

If you’re looking to wear a pencil skirt, a midi length will not only look the most current, but it’s also super flattering, creating an instant hourglass shape.

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Knee-Length A-Line Skirt
(Image credit: Candice Lake)

A knee-length A-line is a classic style that will give you the perfect proportion of skirt to leg.

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Fluted Hem
(Image credit: Vanessa Jackman)

A hard-to-pull-off fluted hem won’t overwhelm you (as it can on more petite women). Just go with a mini version for its leg-lengthening benefits.

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Midi Skirt
(Image credit: Amlul)

Thanks to your long legs, any style of midi skirt will look great on you. We recommend one that is slightly flowy—especially for spring and summer.

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Maxi Skirt
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Maxi skirts are not only well-suited to taller girls, but also look insanely chic. To avoid looking overly boho, we suggest wearing heels—even a kitten will do.

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Classic Miniskirt
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

As far as miniskirts go, the best type for a tall girl would be a classic straight-cut style. Rather than covering your waist, a classic style sits lower, so it allots more fabric to your legs while still showing them off.

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